Monday, March 30, 2020


Yes Honey you read that right… The Coronavirus can live on your hair extension such as wigs, etc. according to experts. Currently there are numerous debates on how long the coronavirus can survive in the air and on objects. Rona virus can live or last long as three hours in the air and, now, up to 17 whole days on surfaces per Centers for Disease Control reports. According to Hype Hair via Tim Starks, founder of Ellagant Hair and CMO for Lyrical Hair who stated “that the virus can live on more than skin and nails, but also our hair”.  Yeah boo you read that right again… Hair! That includes hair extension on your head, synthetic braids, new bundles you just purchased, and all!  Lord!! 

However, Rona would be less likely to survive on hair attached to the scalp coated with natural sebum said Dr. Adam Friedman, the interim chair of dermatology at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Well honey I have found some disinfectant products that you may want to invest in…  That just may aid us wig and extension wearing ladies… 
*D I V A ● S N A PS*... to that! Check out the products, inside.

Any Shampoo or Antibacterial Shampoo

Anti-b bacterial shampoo:
Anti bacterial shampoo - Healing & soothing antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory formula. Inhibits bacteria and infection

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Naked Extension Care Revive Hair & Scalp Spray:
The formula deodorizes unwanted smells that may be carried on artificial or natural hair. When used on the scalp while protective styles are being worn, this spray can relieve tightness and itching, will refresh any unwanted smells and will help disinfect 99% of bacteria that may be present.

Naked X Extensions Care Revive Hair & Scalp Spray 8 oz

Salon Pro 3 Seconds Weave Spray:

For beautiful weaves or wigs: Salon Pro 3 Seconds Weave Spray is a naturally enchanced spray that conditions, detangles, moisturizes, reducesan itchy scalp, provides natural sheen and prolongs the life of the weaved style as it kills many germs including those that cause unpleasant odor in the hair.

Salon Pro 30 Seconds Anti-Bacterial Weave Spray 12 oz

Wig Sani (Wig Sanitizer):
For wigs, hair extensions, braids, weaves Get rid of lice, bad smell, tangles, ticks or any nasties which maybe lurking inside your wigs and hair extensions.

You can google these product for the best price. Also read more on Rona in the Hair Here on Today


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