Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Singing ... "Live the life of a boss playa, All eyes on me"... {In my Pac Voice}

Okay enough of us jooking but did y'all see the most talked about movie of the now "All Eyez On Me"... Snappin Movie right?! And the Lil young and handsome Tupac man-boo look-a-like Demetrius Shipp Jr. did the damn thang in the film as well and,  now his Pac good looks is snappin it up on the cover of VIBE Magazine June 2017 'All Eyez On Me Edition'... Check out more pics and see behind the scene mag footage inside.

All Eyez On Him: Demetrius Shipp Jr. Against The World

Here's Highlights of Demetrius Shipp Jr.  interview with VIBE Mag:

VIBE: The question I am sure many want to ask: How did you get this role of playing the most famous rapper, alive or dead, in the world?

"Demetrius: About March or April 2011. My best friend lived across the street from my grandparents where I grew up. He’s like dude there is a Tupac audition. This movie’s coming out. You’ve got to audition. And he showed it to me online. [I said] whatever, like I’m not doing that, but people always said I looked like Tupac in high school. So I’m like nah, I’m not going to do it. I’m cool. A couple weeks go by. He’s like you going to do it or not? You ain’t done it yet? It’s the last day to do it [and] I end up shaving my head, applying, all that, learning a monologue, learning to rap slow a little bit. 30 minutes before the deadline. I’m really pushing it. I hadn’t told anyone that I was going to do it or anything. I uploaded it to Facebook. My father saw it, and he’s like oh what’s this? He shared it with L.T. Hutton (All Eyez On Me co-executive producer) on Facebook. L.T. gave my father a call: “I mean [that] you can’t tell me that’s not your son?” From then on the ball was rolling. That’s when I went and actually did an audition with the casting agency. Shortly after that, I was called. They gave me a little flash drive with Tupac interviews and performances and stuff like art I need to learn. All this and like that was about summer 2011. But in September 2011, I got a job working.  

VIBE: You said your acting coach, Angela Gibbs, daughter of the famous TV actress Marla Gibbs, really pushed you. How?

"Demetrius: The biggest thing she demanded is that I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X. 

VIBE: Really?

"Demetrius: Yeah, I’m a different man because I read that book. Honestly. Truly. Because of what Malcolm said. And you know what’s so crazy? I had some of these feelings as far as today. I’m like why is everything a competition? When I read that book I was like oh, that’s why! This [has] been going on. This ain’t new. In some ways, it is because in certain parts of the South like [for] my grandfather—he has fond memories and stories where—the Black communities were all together. They were unified. They were working together, you know what I’m sayin’? It was love. You could pretty much leave your door open. You didn’t have to lock your door, your car door, none of that. They were all together. The one thing that I’m always gonna promote is ‘don’t look at a fellow Black man as an enemy.’ And it’s hard. It’s really hard though when you’re coming up. It’s something that you have to teach yourself and learn. I’m still at this point in my life, right now. This is really honest: I have to remind myself not to look another Black man as a threat.

VIBE: Playing Tupac and knowing what happened to him and Biggie in real life, did you think about that as you were playing in the role. Did that cross your mind like how this could’ve happened differently with the whole Tupac-Biggie/East Coast-West Coast and all the stuff that happened?

"Demetrius: There are a lot of factors beyond what people know and what needs to be revealed–

VIBE: I agree.

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