Thursday, June 1, 2017


Chile please this can’t be real..., and if it is we will like to know who in the hell is producing this show?!... 

Listen there a new show called 'The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte' that has been popping up on social media, the show is based on some chicks dating married men. There even a scene moving around on the media of one of the side chicks confronting her sugar daddy’s wife…  Lawd how mercy... Where is the morals in the world today…  Any who find out if this show is for real on the inside.

Okay here's the snap on if this show is real per Essence: 

Recently, images for a show called The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte have been everywhere, causing many to wonder if Bravo has launched another series.However, it’s unlikely that the show will ever hit TV because it’s probably not real.The show's website is just a promo image with no other information, none of the cast members names and bios, there are no clips, nothing. Also, none of the ladies have a social media presence, a big no-no for anyone hoping to make it in reality TV. The first rule of creating reality superstars is to tag the cast members on social media. BET, MediaTakeOut, and MadameNoire have picked up the story as well as stars like Cardi B and Rihanna expressing their excitement for the series, giving the show an bit of legitimacy. However, the link on Cardi B’s page leads to a site called Famous Viral Stories, which includes an equal mix of fake and real news. World Star Hip Hop also shared a video from the supposed reality show, but one commenter noted, "This video is from 2014. I live in Charlotte and still haven't seen any of this s—t.” Also, no offense, but the images and clips for the show look a little…well, there’s obviously a small budget. 
Further, if you check Spotify, Google Play, or iTunes, which the minds behind the show suggest you do, “sidechick” just takes you to some random songs, the top results being Mark Thomas and Alkaline’s “Side Chick,” and a random playlist.Finally, we’ve reached out to Bravo as The Real (Insert Relationship) of any city would likely be part of their franchise. They have yet to inform us of its existence. 
If this show is real, then we’ll happily tune in because it will undoubtedly be messy. However, if it’s not, this is expert level trolling and we applaud the people behind it. 

Scroll below to see the cast of Side Chicks...

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Image result for The Real Side Chicks Of Charlotte

Image result for The Real Side Chicks Of Charlotte

Image result for The Real Side Chicks Of Charlotte


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