Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Saturday, May 27, 2017


O.M. Goodness {in my Sheneneh voice}... Do you believe what you are hearing...?! 
From the hit group TLC, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins has a sit down on a new episode of  'Hollywood Medium' with  Tyler Henry who connect her to thee late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes who is T-Boz former friend and band mate... Right? Okay now wait, chile another Guy who see spirit and thangs is now saying that Aaliyah’s and her friends’ spirits who passed with her are being seen by people in the Bahamas? Good Gawd Almight! Whet! ... Head inside for more details and to see footage.

We usually don't go here but just because we got a little curious to know we sharing... Press play to watch T-Boz connect with Left Eye below:

"Hollywood Medium" star Tyler Henry returns to E! Wednesday with all new episodes and he stopped by the TooFab studio to let viewers in on what to expect from upcoming readings.
Henry said this season of "Hollywood Medium" features a more diverse cast as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the responses and reactions of the family members who accompany his celebrity clients.-- Per TooFab

More Diva:  Here's the snap on Aaliyah Spirit per YKW via Industry On Blast:

SCARY! Some residents in the #Bahamas are saying R&B singer #Aaliyah and about 4 other apparitions (possibly her entourage) are seen on the island frequently haunting the island in which they faced their tragic death. On August 25, 2001 the 22 year old singer & 8 others died in a plane crash. Back in 2013 a psychic medium and his friend Paul Dale Roberts (Head of HPI), decided they wanted to investigate the HAUNTINGS!! Here’s the medium’s first hand account of what happened!: “Paul put up a picture of Aaliyah. Paul was wanting to go to the Bahamas to investigate reports of the sighting of Aaliyah’s spirit. When I read this, I touched her picture to read. I am a sensitive/medium, I touch things mostly pictures ad read them. I get images in my minds eye that play like a movie, I also get impressions and feelings. I instantly felt something from Aaliyah’s photo, a strong pull from her spirit and when I tried to navigate away from the photo it kept coming back to her photo. So I knew I needed to spend some time with her photo and do a reading on it, I felt Aaliyah beautiful spirit had some things to say.Aaliyah’s spirit is a very strong presence she radiates light like a angel. Aaliyah gives me the impression she is not alone at the crash site, other spirits from the crash are there too, she shows me she is there with a grandmother of hers and a great aunt. I get the impression of the day before the crash, it was a beautiful happy day, everyone was having a good time. Then boom! I feel she hit her head as the plane crashed. I feel that even though at times Aaliyah’s spirit is at the crash site, trying to figure out how things could have went differently, it’s just there were somethings she didn’t know that day when they took off. She was always a problem solver even as a child. Her spirit is very much with her family. I feel like her family members will at time be able to smell her perfume faintly pass by them and that she visits them in very vivid dreams. She shows me a beautiful wooden stairway that she loved, in this image she is a young girl and she is wearing this really pretty white dress. To be cont!

Chile please... what do you think about the medium? Do you believe some of the things he’s relaying from her picture? The autopsy did show that Aaliyah died from blunt force trauma to the head.
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Any Thoughts?


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