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Music Mix Spotlights!

Monday, April 10, 2017


Gurl Your Earring Cute! 

The snappin has it that Phaedra Parks didn't get her renewal paper to return to the next season of the RHOA because she basically plotted a sweet revenge of lies about her ex-friend and cast mate Kandi Burrus drugging and girl on girl  hook ups with her hub-boo Todd, as an accomplice... Lawd!  Get more deets on Phaedra lies + her getting fired alleged from the show inside...

Chile now about ATL Real Housewives of a mess, and speaking on Phaedra...

If you think about it look like Phaedra played her sweet revenge role well... We believe Phaedra went this hard with the lies due to the fact that her suppose to be friend Kandi and Todd flip the script on her every since the whole Apollo situation and ish broke news...  which got her out here looking like all kind of fools in these street. Plus the Kandi, Todd duo and their Team {mama Joyce and them} been coming for Phaedra ever since the fed show up at their house, after Apollo got locked up.  

However, we also believe that Phaedra fed the lies to Porsha Williams who she knew was going to cluelessly spill it, and honey did Porsha run with it... Yazz!   Make sense Huh?... Babe all we gone say is this show is getting to be tew much for TV... Lawd! Anywho here more deets on Phaedra lies getting fired per Love B Scott: 

Phaedra Parks now has one less job to worry about.
Sources exclusively tell lovebscott.com that Phaedra Parks was NOT given her pickup letter (renewal papers) to return for season 10 of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’
“Everyone was given their renewal papers last week and Phaedra didn’t get hers. She got caught in so many treacherous lies this season that even the producers (including Andy Cohen) have had enough. She even brought ‘fake’ divorce papers to the reunion to prove a point. No one knows whether she’s telling the truth about anything anymore.”
Our sources also say that Phaedra tried to blame the lesbian & date rape lie she fed Porsha Williams on producer Carlos King — which might have something to do with why he won’t be back to work on the show next year.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Apparently, once Phaedra’s lies became a legal issue (you know Kandi’s lawyers don’t play!) production decided that keeping Phaedra wasn’t worth the hassle.
We can also exclusively confirm that Cynthia Bailey will be returning (despite earlier rumors) as well as NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak, but NeNe & Kim won’t be full-time cast members.
‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ four-episode reunion begins Sunday, April 16 at 8pm on Bravo. If you haven’t already, check out the dramatic teaser for the reunion here.
Note: All pickup letters are sent out simultaneously approximately two weeks after the taping of the reunion show(s) concludes. Each housewife is then notified whether their contract will be renewed. Bravo housewife contracts have pre-negotiated renewal clauses/options determining how many additional seasons their option is for and any respective salary increases. New contract negotiations do not occur each year.
Update: Phaedra’s reps say ‘it’s untrue,’ however we know Phaedra loves her wordplay. ‘Fired’ vs ‘not asked to return’ — you can decide which works for you.
Keep in mind that Phaedra has removed all traces of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ from her social media profiles.

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Welp we shall see at the upcoming Reunion show. You know how the preview be ampe it up more than what it actually is...

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