Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Mrs. Gabrielle Union-Wade flawlessly has stepped into the hair game... The Being Mary Jane Star actress has launched her very own hair collection "Flawless", and we are loving the brand name... Yazz! 

'Flawless is a hair care production collection that Gab 'created 'for every person with textured hair who hasn’t quite found their perfect product yet'. More Deets inside.

Gab Union took the Gram to shared to let it be known that she has launched the "Flawless" Hair collection, saying:

"Today is a very exciting day!!! @Flawlesshairday has finally launched and is available online for you to purchase. As a woman with textured hair, the search to find a brand that meets all of my needs has been impossible. That's why I created Flawless. Wishing you all good hair days from this moment forward".

She also said on the product website:

“I wanted to help women have good hair days. It’s really as simple as that. Being on set for hair and makeup means I’m always switching it up, trying new products and experimenting, so you name it and I’ve probably tried it. When I really thought about the products that I used in my own hair, there was always something that I wished I could have added, changed or tweaked. For so many of us, we just hadn’t found that perfect line, and this was my opportunity to create a line that was perfect for women with textured hair. It’s all about versatility and healthy hair. Flawless products can be combined and cocktailed in creative ways, so we can change it up without damaging our hair. Every aspect of the brand - from the oil blend to how we cocktail products together - reinforces that. Each product is lightly fragranced with a scent that I hand-selected to include some of my favorite fragrance notes. You’ll notice bright, sparkling citrus top notes with a warm base of floral and amber notes for a scent experience that makes you happy to do your hair.”


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