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Music Mix Spotlights!

Friday, December 16, 2016


Say Hello to Winter!

It is the gorgeous winter season which mean this can be the season for some major dry skin that can drastic wreak havoc with the delicate balance of your skin. Your oily beauty face are now dry, ashy, and flaky... We called it out, right?... Yes Darlings welcome to winter... But don't panic we have some lit winter beauty tips here for you to handle these extremes to keep you on top of looking fabulous in this beautiful cool weather.  See inside.

Okay check out these winter beauty tips that will help you be your your beautiful best during the winter season below:

"As the cold air of winter settles upon us, many factors such as cold and dry air, wind and indoor heat take their toll on skin"....

1. The most important tip is to step up your moisturizing routines.     

"Use a thicker night moisturizer to help conserve moisture in the skin on the face. Change out a lotion to a thicker night cream. Night creams are designed to work on skin overnight to enhance retention of moisture. Therefore, it's important to use one, especially in winter. Trial and error will be the most important factor in choosing the right one for your skin type. Most cosmetic companies in direct, department store, or beauty store sales are happy to hand out samples. If not offered, simply ask and you will most likely be given several samples from different brands"...

2. Lips need their own special moisture retention since oil glands are scarce on the lip.     

"A lip balm that keeps moisture in and protects lips from wind and cold is essential. Application of lip balm frequently during the winter months will prevent chapped and flaking lips and allow them to remain supple and soft. Avoid licking lips as that just adds moisture that evaporates in cold weather further drying them out. If lips feel dry, apply the lip balm as frequently as needed -- a good option for lip balm is eos. The ingredients will keep lips moist and prevent chapping by blocking winter winds and cold with blocking emollients like petrolatum, glycerin or shea butter"...

3. Skin on feet and hands need extra love in the winter, too.  

"Apply hand lotion or cream frequently to keep both hands and nails moist and healthy in winter months. After showering, apply foot balms to prevent callouses and keep skin on feet moist. Feet are often neglected in winter months, but need tender loving care all year long"...

 4. And Finally: 

"Applying lotions or creams immediately after showering will keep skin on body moist and free of dry patches. Keep hot showers short, as they will dry skin, although, they inevitably feel great. Legs tend to dry out in winter, so pay special attention with an emollient cream.

Don't forget to continue to use a sunscreen enhanced moisturizer or foundation in winter with an SPF of 30 or more. The winter sun and snow glare can cause skin damage, so take proper precaution". 

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