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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


BFF, Author, Boss Diva Toya Wright has officially launch her new book "In My Own Words"  today, which is about her reality, and she is definitely killing her cover pic on the book... But of course she would... * Diva Snaps*... Pop Those Fingers... Get deets on the new book inside.

Friend took to the Gram to shared her excitement of her book launch today and to also let it be known that:

In my own words available today!!! 📚 Toyawrightpublishing.com and
Amazon.com #inmyownwords #ToyaWright #book3 #toyawrightpublishing

The Boss Diva Toya W also gives a little more in debt of what the book details:

 "It’s been said you never really know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. I’ve been through a lot this past year, from the social media petty parties to admitting my mom into a psyche ward. In My Own Words I offer my truths without filters, ad-libs or edits. I share my struggle with what seemed an unforgiving storm of tests of my faith. I had an up close and personal pass to the private suffering from the public humiliation of the man I loved. With the full dissolution of my marriage ranging from a bi-coastal separation, to an amicable divorce…it seemed all too unreal to hear the words “something terrible has happened to your brothers”. Losing my two brothers at once, at a time when we were just starting to become closer seemed so unfair…it all seemed so unfair, and then I would put my grief on hold to plan their funeral. What more?…how was I to remain strong and keep pushing? I had to, there was no other option…my daughter was watching. She’s my motivation, she’s what’s keeps me going. So with God, prayer and faith, I just kept moving.

Scroll below to check out the book below...


 You can your copy HERE

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