Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Monday, October 10, 2016


[Photo Snap:] By Galore Mag Photography by Robin Thompson

YAAS  Ma'am... Trina is Lit!

Do y'all see thee raptress Trina slaying her baddie curves in the hot pineapple photo swimsuit with Galore Magazine?! And her red lips is snappin too!!!  Trina did a super Bossy interview with Galore mag on how she been the "Baddest B*tch,”  even before the world knew the term... Yep  you read... Catch the interview on the inside.

[Photo Snap:] By Galore Mag Photography by Robin Thompson

Check out some of the Highlight of Trina interview with Galore Mag:

"16 years later, and not much has changed. Trina is still the baddest bitch around, and there isn’t a fuckboy alive she can’t take down...
Calling yourself a bad bitch is so popular now, but you were calling yourself “da baddest bitch” over a decade ago – do you see yourself as a trailblazer or someone who was just following in the overt girl power of the time?"

 "I think I was just ahead of my time. When I came out with that, the whole baddest bitch thing, that whole attitude was just about being fierce, being determined, and going after what I wanted. I didn’t really care about anything else. I was fearless. I didn’t take no crap from no guys. So it was just that effortless feeling.Now, I mean, it’s funny to me when I hear everybody saying it it’s like, wow, that is way over a decade ago, and now everybody wants to be a bad bitch."

"How do you think the music industry has changed for women who own their sexuality since you first came up?" 

"I think it has drastically changed. I would say that in hip hop, R&B, pop, the whole music genre, when it comes to females, they are a lot more expressive, a lot more sensual, a lot more open now. You know, you see all the women that are out. Everybody’s daring. They’re not afraid to be sensual, to be themselves, and be real sexy.
I think it’s a great thing that women are empowering themselves and becoming more dominant when it comes to how they carry themselves."

"Women can have a really bad habit of competing with each other, like there’s only space for one of them to actually “make it”. How important do you think it is for women to support each other, especially female rappers?"

"I definitely think it’s important to support one another, but there’s not a lot of support though.
I just think that when it comes to women and it comes to competing, it’s kind of like a cliche thing. I don’t know if people think you know, there’s only one queen who runs the universe so there can only be one artist who’s on top of the throne, but you kind of have that attitude. You know, that’s the wave that everybody rides.
But you can still be that one person who reaches out. Who supports. I feel like the whole game is about just trying to be the best, but not necessarily where you’re competing with each other, but competing with yourself. It’s trying to be the better than you were on this album than the last album or just trying to bring out the best person inside yourself regardless"

"Are you as bad of a bitch as you come off in your songs?" 

Oh, badder! [laughs]
It’s kind of like half and half, you know though? Because I have this very tough exterior, this very strong part, and then there’s this real soft, mellow kind of like funny, relaxed side of me, so it’s like a mixture of the two. I think when I’m not working and I’m just being my regular self around my friends and family, it’s the softer side cuz I’m just being myself. I’m natural. It’s not about the music or the industry. I think that when I turn on, I’m in the studio and I’m working or performing, the real bad bitch comes out.

Scroll below to see the baddies swimsuit pics ... 

[Photo Snap:] By Galore Mag Photography by Robin Thompson

[Photo Snap:] By Galore Mag Photography by Robin Thompson

[Photo Snap:] By Galore Mag Photography by Robin Thompson

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