Thursday, February 4, 2016


What the what did we missed here... Damn! 

So it looks like Amina Buddafly is indeed preggo for the third time with Peter Gunz baby. Chile!! As you know Peter already got a child with Amina right? He got her knocked up again which she reveal on the reality show to have aborted that baby, and now she must got so jealous that his ex -Tara Wallace is preggo by him that she went on for a third round, which it is now being confrim that she knocked up alongside Tara... Details and pics on the inside.

Old pic of Amina first pregnancy

Okay here’s the snap per YBF on Amina being preggo again:

"Amina Buddafly revealed during the taping of the reunion show that she was 3-months pregnant (again) by her husband Peter Gunz. Well, it turns out it’s true!

A source close to production tells that Peter’s other baby mama Tara Wallace, who’s currently carrying one of his children, was under the impression that she would be bearing his last child because Peter allegedly had a vasectomy recently. (Well that’s good news, if true).

Our source tells us after it was revealed Peter had a vasectomy, Amina stood up and showed off her baby bump and announced that’s also carrying one of Peter’s kids. Sighs….So yea, Amina and Tara are both currently pregnant by the same man. And Amina's baby will make child #10 for Peter (by six different women)!

This news comes after Amina revealed on the show that she had an abortion after learning she was pregnant. At the time, she claimed she was DONE with Peter and wanted to move on with her life, but apparently, she had a change of heart.

People have been dragging Amina in the comments section of her Instagram account since news broke that she was pregnant. Yesterday, she hopped on her IG to clap back at folks who are judging her, basically telling folks they need to mind their own business"

 photo amn1.jpg

And of course we know Tara is preggo and embracing it. 
Check out her latest pic below:

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