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Thursday, January 21, 2016


Masika Kalysha

The Love & Hip Hop  Hollywood reality Star Maskia Kalysha who is allegedly preggo with A rapper Fetty Wap baby girl has snapped in the pages of US Weekly to dishes about the paternity drama between her, thee unborn child of course and the rapper. Check it the interview out inside.

Masika Kalysha

Fetty, however, has publicly denied he’s the dad of the reality star unborn baby girl. the rapper, 24, downplayed their relationship, and says He also suggested that Kalysha singled him out because of his fame. “I wasn’t just no random dude in the club. You know what I’m saying’? She knew I was gon’ be there,” he said. “Congratulations to her and whoever is the [father].”
So now the Mom-to Be is now telling her side in a interview wtih US Weekly:

Earlier, Fetty’s rep admitted her own skepticism of Kalysha’s claim, telling Us on January 11, “I didn’t see Fetty or a paternity test confirm this allegation.”
Kalysha, for her part, is also in favor of a paternity test and asked for one on January 13. “I tried to demand him taking a paternity test,” she tells Us of the rapper, already father to son Aydin, 4, (with ex-girlfriend Ariel Reese) and daughter Zaviera, 9 months (with ex-girlfriend Lezhae Zeona). “He doesn’t want to take one. I asked him seven times, ‘Will you just volunteer and do it?’ He refuses.”

The reality star said that this was the first time they had spoken in four months, and that the rapper was the one to reach out.
The R&B singer, who is due April 8, also adds that despite headlines saying he’s asked her for DNA proof that he’s the father of her child, Fetty has never asked Kalysha for a test. “He’s only said, ‘I’ll see you at the hospital. See you when our baby’s here,” she recalls.
As for their relationship, Chicago native Kalysha maintains that it was no fling. Instead, she says, a bond formed when the Paterson, New Jersey, artist began to help her with her music after they met at a club when he was hosting one night late last spring.
Initially, it was a purely business relationship. She tells Us that when Fetty walked up to introduce himself, “I said, ‘Nice to meet you, but let me cut all of this out. I’m a businesswoman. I wanna pay you to do a record with me. Can I get you on a record?

According to Kalysha, he was impressed that she offered to pay him for his work, and agreed to help.
We just had great musical chemistry together,” she tells Us of their collaboration. “If it weren’t for that connection, me, personally, I wouldn’t have entertained the idea of dating. Basically we’re talking every day, every five seconds.”
Their relationship was going so well, in fact, the pair went househunting together in Hollywood Hills and Kalysha even talked to the rapper’s mom: “He put me on FaceTime with his mother!” 

Things took a very different turn when Kalysha went to get her breast implants removed and found out she was pregnant. She says that when she broke the news to Fetty, he told her, “‘Well, I don’t really want to have another kid right now,’ she says. Later in their same conversation, Kalysha tells Us, “He’s like, ‘Well, if you have this kid, I’m not going to help you out with anything. I’m not gonna be there. You’re own your own, so it’s up to you.'”  If you want to contiune reading the i-view Click Here.

More Diva: Over this past weekend the two got into a social media snap down... Scroll below to check it out:

L&HH Hollywood star posted a meme shading Fetty Wap for continuing to blast her over the baby girl she’s currently carrying


Fetty snap back by noting that she never asked him to use protection.
Masika then threatened legal action; “I just hit that b*** with my lawyer,” said the starlet.


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