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Now we know y’all  watch the 2015 soul train awards on Sunday night when that Diva Fantasia sang her vocals off… Doing a late Whitney Houston number and sangin  olskool singer Kayrn White classic hit “superwoman” during the tribute to the Legendary singer/producer Baby Face.  And now we’re like oh boy… Ms. Kayrn White done up and snapped about Fanny killin her song on the awards show… Sheesh! Catch her snappin inside. Catch her snappin inside.

Okay Here's the snap per madamenoire:

"White was watching the performance at home on TV just like you and me, and she’s just as confused as the rest of us. White took to Facebook to say that she was never called by BET, Centric, Babyface–anybody, to take part.

“I’ve been getting bombarded with questions from family, fans, friends. I’ve been getting tweets, texts. Just people calling me: ‘Karen, why weren’t you on the show?’ ‘Are you okay?’ ‘Is everything alright?’ ‘Why weren’t you there?’ ‘Everyone else was there; we wanted to see you.’ Good question. I. Don’t. Know. I never got a call from ‘Face or BET, or Centric or Soul Train music award affiliates–nobody. So I don’t know.”
Noting that maybe they thought she had left the music industry behind, White cleared the air to say she is still singing. In fact, she’s on a tour with Kathy Sledge, Deniece Williams and CeCe Peniston right now called, “My Sisters and Me.” And while she believes that Fantasia did a magnificent job, she’s disappointed no one thought to reach out to her.
“I thought Fantasia did an amazing job. She’s a bad girl. She put it down. It has nothing to do with Fantasia. It’s really just respect. The fact that Kenny wrote the song, and LA, and Daryl Simmons, but Karyn White made it a hit. And I believe my fans deserve to see me sing the song.”
So no, White is not on some “diva sh-t” as she put it. But considering that she’s alive and well and “rocking it,” while many of the greats from the past have passed on, she said it would have been nice if she had been called. And she does have a point.
But what do you think? Check out the rest of her thoughts via her Facebook video and share your own."

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