Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Oh my Cute-ness! 

Singer, Actress turn reality tv Star Christina Milian and her daughter Violets was spotted at the Farmer Market where the cutie-pie was seen being a little hair Diva rocking out  with her violet and black Senegalese twists, for a mother and Daughter day out ... Too Cute-ish! See the little style her twist inside.

 photo VDAU7_zps52gc7fnl.jpg

On Sunday, the 34-year-old star Christina M and  Violet was seen enjoying an afternoon of bonding  at the local Farmers Market in Los Angeles. While the pretty little Diva  was werking her violet and black  Senegalese twists on y'all looking absoulteyly adorable as they shared  sweet and icy snow cone between the two of them. The Litte Diva over all looked coordinated well with her name too if we must say...

*Litte Diva Snaps*... Pop Those Fingers! 

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t’s no secret that Christina Milian likes to switch things up when it comes to her style and it looks like her daughter, Violet, is following in mama’s footsteps.
But Violet’s latest trendy look has been raising a few concerns and Christina made sure to put them to rest.
You see, Christina recently posted a snap of herself, Violet, and friend Zendaya having a bit of a hang session and Violet stole the show with her waist-length purple and black mane in Senegalese twists.

 photo vDAU_zps7qc52zkf.jpg

 photo VDAU3_zpsinopygyd.jpg

More please: Christina got another sip and a kiss on the cheek from her adorable tot

Her turn: Violet clasped the chilly beverage with both hands and sipped while Christinarocked a red We Are Pop Culture bomber jacket

 photo Vdau1_zpsjnuafq6k.jpg

Which way: Christina seemed to be contemplating the next move on their fun outing

More the merrier: At one point Violet was led by helpful friend who accompanied them to the Farmers Market

The adorable 5-year-first debuted her new twist do about a week ago when she was snapped in a pic with Zendaya at an event.  

Folks have been coming for Christina to remove the large twists from her daughter's hair, but it looks like Christina is letting them ride on out.

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