Monday, November 23, 2015



Let the Games begin!

Ladies, Diva, Women, say hello to Elvie who maybe become your newest friend or Bestie… umm huh! Elvie is a new video game apps special for us Ladies who pelvic walls may need some remodeling?  Yes Ladies that right… Girlfriend will get your ladies parts back right and tight… Find out all about Elvie on the inside.

Okay here’s the snap report Galore mag:

There are two things that many chicks have to deal with on a daily basis. One being their vagina, two being their cell phone. Generally, these two “necessities” don’t really coincide. So maybe you track your period on your Iphone (if you don’t, try downloading clue), or maybe when your vibrator runs out of batteries you ask your boyfriend to call you 30 times in a row. Other than those instances, your pussy and your phone stay separate entities.

Elvie is trying to change that. Or…sort of, anyways. First, let’s do a crash course in kegels…

If you know what kegels are, you probably associate them with making your pussy {bleep} tighter. In reality, kegels are important for controlling your pelvic floor muscles. Your pelvic floor muscles help to control two things, one of which you do everyday, and one of which you’d like to do everyday: urination and orgasm. Age, pregnancy, and impact sports can cause damage to these muscles, and the remedy is performing these kegel “exercises.” Even if you don’t seem to have problems with your pelvic floor muscles, stronger muscles can supposedly lead to better and stronger orgasms, and who doesn’t want that?

While kegels can be done on your own and in your own time (try squeezing your own right now, I dare you), many of us forget to “train” frequently, and aren’t sure exactly what to do in order to strengthen them properly. That’s where Elvie comes in. Elvie prides itself on being a “smart kegel tracker” and “making kegel exercises fun.”

Elvie’s design allows you to measure your muscle movement as you do your kegels, and ensure that you are doing them properly to strengthen rather than causing any damage. The device that you insert into your vagina (which resembles some sort of bean sprout) uses bluetooth and motion-sensors to connect to your smartphone. The exercises range from beginner to advanced levels, and there are “speed” and “pulse” challenges for even more. 

So isn't this a great Xmas gift for your Ladies friends or what?

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