Friday, October 2, 2015


So as wee was scrolling on our timeline on Instagram when we came across a now trendy pic on social medial of legendary Diva Singer Diana Ross pic and what look like she was rocking a huge baby bump… {Blank Stare}  We was like nah can’t be real and we thought the pic may have been Photoshop…  However the pic was real, yes Chile the pic is real and honey Ms. Ross is not preggo…  Girrl! We was about to say, any who get the deets inside on the Diva and her pop belly.

Okay here’s the snap on thee Diana Ross per Gossip cops:

"Diana Ross is NOT pregnant, despite a Twitter rumor that began to trend after a photo {ABOVE} emerged of the 71-year-old singer’s belly appearing to have a baby bump. Gossip Cop can correct the speculation. We’re told it’s absolutely “not true.”

An Instagram user posted a photo on Wednesday of Ross walking down a street in Los Angeles, and people on Twitter immediately began to comment about the legendary singer and what they believed to be a baby bump. Despite the pregnancy theories, Ross is not with child, but rather just a victim of an unflattering photo that accentuates her weight gain.

In fact, if Ross really were pregnant then she has just pulled off the amazing feat of taking the title for world’s oldest pregnant woman. However, the true record holder is a woman from India named Rajo Devi Lohan, who conceived a child at 70. But no, Ross will not be taking that honor away from Lohan.

Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the singer who laughed off the pregnancy rumors before assuring us that the speculation is simply “not true.” Check out the photo below from the person who seemingly took the photo and shared it on social media, and tell us what you think."

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