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Thursday, August 20, 2015


Ciara Calls Future Out For Russell Wilson Double Standard

We all know by now that Ciara has moved on in her love life with dating NFL QB Russell Wilson and baby daddy Future who is not to fund of the baller playing step dad to their son Future Jr. trap rapper Future snapped on Ci-Ci, for allowing her new boyfriend, NFL star Russell Wilson, be a part of their son’s life. So Cici snapped back on Wednesday on the CBS news with Gayle King to remind Future that she used to take care of his kids when they first hooked-up. Watch the FULL interview inside.

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Hostress Gayle King asked Cici what she thought about Future and other men publicly denouncing Russell for being involved in son life.  Here what the “Dance Like We're Making Love." Singer saids:

"It's been very interesting what a lot of guys have to say. I feel like, in a sense, it's a double standard. At one point in time when [Future and I] were together, I took care of his kids as well at a very young time on our relationship. He actually has four and one is adopted. I was involved very early in a stage of us getting to know each other. It's like, what's the difference here? For the men that were outspoken, wouldn't you want someone to love on the child? It's a child we're talking about. That's the thing people have to think about. We're the adults in the situation. Really, this is my child here."

Not that a good point…

Ciara also stated she reach out to Future isn't trying to work this out:

"I did reach out to my son's father for him and Russell to speak.  But he didn't want to talk to me.  We didn't get to talk."

Ciara also hit on her and Russ been dating for over 6 months.  She also mention on Russ telling the world about their celibacy, which she's OK with it:

"It was one of those things, it was like an organic conversation he was having.  I don't think he expected to talk about it either.  I guess he was just speaking to the reality of what really is going on. It was at church.  And the cool thing is to be able to share our journey with people like us.  It's a great challenge, I can definitely say that.  But it's awesome because we really get to learn and challenge ourselves. 

We get to know each other and build a foundation.  We are Christians, we love God and believe in God.  That part (sex) is the cherry on top.  Sometimes that can cloud your emotions and you might not see a person for who they truly are."  

Watch the full interview below:

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