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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SNAPPIN NEWS: PLASTIC SURGEON SPEAK OUT ON KAYNE WEST MOTHER DEATH SAYS “It's Wasn't My Fault" & {DONDA WEST} 'Choked from her own vomit"...{Details/Photos}

After all these years eight to be exact..  Dr. Jan Adams thee Plastic Surgeon who performed who perform surgery on  Kanye West Mother Donda West is now speaking out about her tragic death and how he is sick and tired of carry the weight of being blame for the Kim Kardashian babies daddy/hub Mother death. 

Dr. Adams is letting it be known that "It wasn't his fault and the late Donda West choked on her own vomit. Plus he said Kanye know the truth that his cousin his the blame for the death... Get all the deets inside.

Okay here's the snap report O. Mail:

Donda, 58, died on November 10, 2007, a day after she underwent five and half hours of surgery including breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction.
A coroner ruled that she likely died of heart disease combined with complications after cosmetic surgery.
Adams maintains that Donda's death was due to poor aftercare that was administered by Kanye's cousin Stephan Scoggins - a registered nurse with a Ph.D. in public health.

'It baffles me when nobody wants to know the truth,' Adams told the Daily News. 'I think (Kanye) should stand up and tell the truth, and the truth will set you free.

'If he had any b**** or if he was any kind of man he could (speak up). But the real answer is he probably won't.'

Adams was investigated by the Los Angeles County Coroner but never charged, he maintains that his reputation has suffered because people don't know the facts and assume Donda died during surgery.

'Most people that I run into think she died on the table, they don't even know this lady was home for a day,' said Adams. 'The truth hasn't been revealed.'

According to Adams the problems started when Donda choose to return home and receive aftercare from Scoggins – ignoring his recommendation of a private recovery center.

Adams (pictured) also came under fire from other doctors after the death, with some charging the operation was reckless because of Donda’s health issues.Adams blames Scoggins of not installing patient monitors in Donda's bedroom and accuses him of leaving her in the hands of an untrained friend just one day after surgery so he could attended a baby shower.
Scoggins has denid these allegations.
According to the autopsy, Donda – 5-foot-2 and 188 pounds - was suffering from coronary artery disease and had serious blockages in two of her arteries.
The coroner also said Donda showed signs of 'multiple postoperative factors' due to her surgery.
One of Donda's post-operative complications included bronchopneumonia in one lung.
Deputy medical examiner Dr. Louis A. Pena said: 'It is my opinion Ms. West died from some pre-existing coronary artery disease and multiple postoperative factors following surgery.'

The doctor states she took multiple pain killers (20 pain-killing Vicodins) in less than 24 hours — and choked from her own vomit, as she layed on her back.

'She aspirated the food contents into her lungs and that’s that. And four minutes later you’re dead. Jimi Hendrix, that’s how he died. It ain’t magical.'

The coroner’s report, did not determine the exact “manner of death.” However, both vomiting and “medication use for pain” were listed as contributing factors. Adams was not faulted by the coroner.
Adams adds that Donda’s death could have been prevented:
'It's a complete tragedy,' said Adams. 'Don't get me wrong, it makes me sick. She was a nice person. I do feel sad about what happened.
'...It didn't need to happen, that's why it's sad. She should still be alive.'

Press play below to watch the clip of  Dr.Adams’ interview.

Kanye West has yet to comment. {New York Daily News}

Still so sad...! 

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