Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Monday, May 11, 2015

'What Will You Do When The Beyhives Come For You": RITA ORA CATCH FAD FROM THE BEYHIVE FOR SEDUCTIVELY HUGGING JAY Z...{Photos/Details}

Do not! We repeat do not come for Bey and Jay…

Or at least don’t come for BeyoncĂ© in any kind of way, shape or form that BeyHive fan base of hers will come buzzing for you… YAAS Ma’am, YAAS Gawd they will. Honey so a pic surface online of Roc Nation artist Rita Ora getting a little too close to Jay Z  for the BeyHive that led the honeybees mob to set it off on Rita Ora via twitter… Catch it inside.

Quietly whispering... {{What do you do when the Beyhive come for you}}... Ha!  So the above pic snap on the net of Rita hugged up on Jay and the Beyhives went to snappin on her... Check per  Rhymes With Snitch:

After a picture of Rita Ora hugging Jay Z sudectively from the back at a Met Gala after party turned up Instagram The BeyHive turned Rita’s instagram comments into a war zone.

See the snappin below...

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