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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Come on now Divas y'all know we gone look out for you... hashtag  #DivaPower... Ha!

YAAS babe we gone get there azz {bleep}. We was scrolling  around on Pinterest when we accidentally {on the real} came across a post  that said "see who your boyfriend  is texting " and  you know our nosey eyes was like; hold up, wait a minute, see what? Texting who, YAAS girlfriends low and behold there's a website that let you check to see who your mate is texting...Check  it out on the inside.

Keep calm divas we got you. Okay here the snap of the most hated website of the now by many, via instant checkmate.com:

"By now, you’re finally convinced your man is cheating. But you need proof. Here’s your chance to get it.

"See who he's been calling or texting behind your back. It's as easy as typing in a phone number."

Introducing the controversial new website that will blow the lid off his affair. It’s called Reverse Phone Lookup, and it will help you track down who your man's been calling or texting. Like we said, cheaters hate this website.

If you think your man’s got a secret, use this tool right now.
See who he’s been calling or texting behind your back. It's as easy as typing in a phone number and he’ll never find out."

Dang this is about to be the death of many relationship... oops our bad... But why didn't we think of this... Darn! GOT EM Tho!

 Check out the site HERE

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