Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Vivica A. Fox stepped  out with cast of the upcoming stripper movie “Chocolate City”   at the AMC Empire 25 theater in NYC the premier screening looking like a fabulous fashion diva in a sexy purple fringe dress looking good which  we are oh so loving!... Hey 50 cent ex we see you boo!  Check her out inside. 

So in the heated flick  Auntie Vivica, who will  plays a single mother of two sons, snap on  the carpet in a royal purple textured bodycon fringe detail mini dress that she stun with orange peep-toe pumps. Hot Momma!

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Viv sat down with, and she revealed what we can expect from her character, here the highlight:

"The story of Chocolate City is that I play the mom to two men, played by DeRay Davis and Robert Ri’chard, who play Michael. I’m a single mother and we’re going through some hard times. Michael is my precious child. He’s working and has a scholarship to go to college. While the brothers are at a strip club, Michael is discovered by the club manager played by Michael Kai White, who tells him he can make some quick easy money by dancing. So Michael gets to amateur night and makes a whole bunch of money. My character thinks that he’s getting on the wrong side of the tracks when he comes home with all this cash."

"Then the story gets into what’s it like for Michael being the new kid at the club and Tyson plays a veteran dancer at the club. It’s a little jaded and it takes you on this really wonderful fun journey of watching this story play out."

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Dang Angela how are you handling all those abs behind you!! There is a Gawd!

Okay here’s the snap on Viv return to the movie Independence Day 2 via

Production is underway for the upcoming Independence Day 2 and much of the cast from the first film is set to return. Among those is actress Vivica A. Fox, who recently offered the closest thing to a synopsis for the sequel that we have:

“The aliens are back,” she tells MLive. “And it’s about 15 years later.”

Blackfilm also caught up with the actress, who provided an update about production on the film.

“I just started this week and walking back on that set and working with Jeff Goldblum and Roland Emmmerich the director, it was like the first film was yesterday. We are so blessed that the audience has been so hungry for this sequel to happen. Unfortunately, Will (Smith) decided that he didn’t want to come back. I’m working with a young up and coming actor named Jesse Usher, who has all the wonderful qualities that will remind you of Will but he’s playing my son. I’m glad that they chose Jesse Usher and Will gave them his blessing when they cast him. So, we’re going to hold it down and the sci-fi audience are so faithful that I think the sequel will be successful.”

Fox opened up about where we will find her character in the film, who has abandoned her profession from the first film.

“I will not be on the poll. She was a stripper with a heart of gold, and who had said that she was doing it because the money was good. Now she’s a hospital administrator and she’s running the hospital and I’m glad that they moved her character forward as a woman.”

Set to hit theaters June 24, 2016 (almost exactly 20 years after the original), Independence Day 2.

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