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{Pop lips}... Oh Chile so the Chick Twinie-Diva Tia Mowry-Hardrict was snappin on Wednesday morning via Twitter was pretty girl Keke Palmer. {Click HERE in case you missed that} 
Apparently Tia believe Keke like married men and want her hubby-Boo Cory... Now we didn't see this coming.  And we thought Tia was talking about some random Chick... Ha we had got the tea all wrong. Tia is beefing with Keke Palmer thee Chick... Smh.. Anywho find out more on this inside.

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So about this snappin while doing promo rounds for her new movie Brother Love. Keke Palmer hit up on “The Wendy Williams Show” today, looking flawless if we must say in a Jonathan Simkhai top and skirt wore with Jimmy Choo sandals. When she addresses the shade Tia through at her about liking married men. {Which we had no clue this was about Keke}. Any who Keke being the growing young lady that she are laugh it off and keep it cute-ish  going down like this… According to the YBF:

“Wendy went right in asking Keke what was going on and the busy young lady quickly broke it down. The 21-year old star revealed that during a prior interview in Atlanta, she was talking about how long she has known many of her cast mates in Brotherly Love, including American Sniper star Cory. Keke could hardly get her words out at the beginning because she was laughing so hard. She said, "I’m sorry to be laughing at this but this is very funny to me because it’s all so twisted. Everything got misconstrued."

She explained she has known Cory since she was 10-years-old after he auditioned to play her brother on Akeelah and the Bee. As she was mocking her 10-year-old self crushing on Cory, she remembers saying back then, I wanted to marry this man.”  But folks took it the wrong way and ran with it.

She said she was simply mocking her thoughts as a 10-year-old and it had nothing to do with liking him now. She ended the discussion saying, “I love Cory. I love Cory...and Tia."

Watch the full interview below:

However from the looks of the below pics, Keke sure do look like she crush over Cory, and we completely understand why Tia will get in her feelings about it. Keke is looking rather to close for comfort with her hubby… Plus check out the below pic at  an interview with theHuff Post, the Brotherly Love cast did a press stop  at Morehouse College, and  Keke is  leaning and rests her head on Cory's shoulder… This is to us a no-no… That how rumor get started... See pics below 

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Peep that full interview below:

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