Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Jeezus Fixed It!

Chile-boo Diva Keyshia Cole has been doing some praying, because the snappin has it that the Diva won’t be doing those 30 days of jail after all. No ma’am, no Gawd and no jail will see Keyshia honey… Get more deets inside.

So Keyisha was sentence to 30 years of locked down time last year for beating up her boyfriend-boo rapper Birdman at the time mistress or assistant when the po-po was contact and they saw that Keyshia had a bench warrant stemming from a 10+ year old DUI right.   According to Keyshia's lawyer, she had in fact completed a required alcohol education course which was mandated.  And KC previous judge's on the case mishandled her paperwork and did not inform the court. So this is how KC got caught up in with 30 years.

Anywho KC let her Fans know via twitter that she'd be going away for 30 days but it appears that thanks to her lawyer, she won’t be doing time after all.

However here’s more deets per TMZ:

"Keyshia Cole just got off scott free in her criminal case where she could have ended up in jail for 30 days.
Kesyhia's lawyer, Shawn Holley, was in Santa Clarita court Monday morning, arguing that a 10-year-old bench warrant should not be enforced.

It's a bizarre story ... back in 2002 Keyshia got a DUI. She was placed on probation and was required to attend an alcohol ed course. The court records do not show proof of completion so the judge issued a bench warrant.
But Holley told the judge Keyshia completed the program and her former lawyer just screwed up by failing to inform the court. Holley explained the alcohol ed program -- which no longer has the old records -- must have notified the DMV, because Keyshia has gotten 2 drivers licenses since then.

Holley persuaded the judge so the warrant was recalled and probation was terminated -- yes, Keyshia was unwittingly on probation for the DUI for more than a dozen years.

As for how this all came up ... TMZ broke the story Keyshia was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in Birdman's West L.A. condo last September. The arrest turned up the warrant. The assault matter was dropped, so Keyshia's a free bird."

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