Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

SNAPPIN #TBT MUSIC: RAPTRESS MIA-X "Imma Shine" & What'cha Wanna Do" FEAT CHARLIE WILSON... {Photos/Videos}

Aye!! Mama Mia!! Since its been Thursday all day... {Like Duh} It's only right that we throw it back for you with some of that no limit Diva, 90's raptress Mama Mia X hits that we are still oh so in love with: "Imma  Shine", and "What'cha Wanna Do" featuring snappin a$$ Singer Charles  Wilson... Watch the hits inside. 

Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya 
But Make Sure Dem Niggas Pay Ya 
I say dey wanna be pimps and playas 
Real Macks make em play {pause} Oh Snap, YAAS  for TBS we taking it back to our Diva Mia X and those snappin 90s jook of hers... Press play below to jam with us.

Mia X Ft Charlie Wilson - What'cha Wanna Do:

  Imma Shine:

  I'll Take  Ya  Man:


Now if you wondering  where is Diva lady X... we follow  her on Instagram {@themamamiax}where she be getting her Chef X on... See her still pretty self below...

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