Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Wow Gawd, I don’t seen and heard a lot of things in my life. But nothing like a loyal FAM member like Bobbi Kristina's cousin Jerod Brown. Bae done up and drop release a new single on us…. {Umm huh, he sure did} and it is called "#Pray4BK… ok for real, we feel his pain. Bae is feeling some type of way about his cousin and he should. Anywho Watch the new single inside.


Press play to listen to the hook below:

Okay  now here’s the snap per YBF:
We wonder if Bobbi Kristina's cousin Jerod Brown is a Kanye West fan, because he slammed his family "All Day" yesterday. Oh...did we mention he dropped a new video too?

Well....Jerod (aka YF Kennedy) released his new single "#Pray4BK" over the weekend and followed that up we a series of Facebook posts that bashed Pat Houston and Bobby Brown while defending Nick Gordon.  Yep...that happened too!

In defense of Nick, he said
For the record: Nick has cooperated with the police department, he has cooperated with my uncle Bobby's request, He has given my family members as much information as he can, he has been exploited on national television with hidden cameras that he had no idea about, He has given Kristina CPR which is one of the reasons why she is not dead till this day, he has been ridiculed and accused without any concrete evidence yet he still hasn't gotten the chance to visit his girl. If everyone truly believes that Nick is the blame for this situation wouldn't you think he would already be locked up by now #Facts

Then he slammed Pat Houston by recalling the day she became "executor" of the Houston estate. This hints at Pat only being "in it" for the money.
For the record: 02/29/2012 (18 days after auntie Whitney passed) Pat Houston do you remember what took place??? #Fact

He slammed the Browns saying,
For the record: Nick Gordon was one of the few who encouraged Kristina to have a better relationship with her father #fact
For the record: No one in my family can say they were in contact w/ Kristina & Nick more then i was #Fact. And as far as my uncle Bobby goes, I don't need authorization to speak the truth. I still love you uncle B. #Fact  For the record: Majority of my TRUE FAMILY have no blood relation to me. #fact

By the way, Jerod uploaded the video to his YouTube channel with the caption "#Pray4BK Inspirational Piece dedicated to Bobbi Kristina, written by her 1rst cousin Jerod Brown (YF Kennedy).  All proceeds from #PrayForBK Inspirational Piece will be going to Martin Luther King Jr." Martin Luther King Jr. one of the cousins we'll 
meet on the reality show?

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