Friday, March 20, 2015


Umm My, My…

That loving and pain from Chris Brown is nothing to play with we see. Thee Ex-girlfriend-Boo Karrueche have reach out to Iyanla to fix her life after breaking up with Breezy as she learn he father an 8 month old baby girl… mmm, smh... Now let me tell you, that pain of being hurt by a man you love is something serious…Yep!  Okay now let us get back on topic. So the newly single Karrueche Tran has sat down with life-coaching Iyanla and famed OWN network guru to fix her breaking heart, and it like she’ll be answering all the questions everyone on social media has for the model ex- girlfriend-boo. Check her out and watch the Trailer on the inside.

Okay here’s the snap Reports Bossip:

"Why did she put up with so much BS so long? How did she find out about Chris’ secret baby? Is she still talking to Chris on the low?"

Scroll below to see more pics and watch the Trailer…
Um wait…

The Snappin also has it the  or should we say according to TMZ:

Karrueche booted the “life coach” and Oprah Winfrey’s OWN TV crew out of her L.A. home mid-interview.

Although OWN producers gave Karrueche their word that the interview would carry a “positive” tone, she began to feel uneasy with the way Iyanla was presenting her cynical line of questioning.

Things were moving smoothly until the subject turned to Chris Brown. Iyanla asked if Karrueche gave up the box quickly because she was enamored by the “superstar” singer. Karrueche responded saying that Chris didn’t get a whiff of the kitty until MONTHS after they began dating, but Iyanla continued to question her in disbelief.

The oblivious Iyanla then doubled-down on the disrespect and asked how Karrueche could possibly date Breezy after he brutally beat Rihanna, to which Kae said “everyone deserves a second chance.

Press play to watch:

And now Chris reaction to it all below...


And in more Karrueche and Chris news:

Karrueche Tran & Chris Brown Relationship Over: She Wants Him To Stop Calling
“She would like him to stop calling her, stop emailing her and stop trying to get her attention from her friends and social media stalking her,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY

“She’s done and wants to move on with her life and thinks his focus should be on his baby and career,” our insider continues.

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