Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


We know everybody and their mother was tune into ‘Empire’ on Wednesday night as always…

Therefore we know you saw the upcoming episode of the British-bred Diva, R&B songstress Estelle will be stepping out the studio for a hot minute to make an on-screen- snappin debut on the Fox hit TV series, Empire. Watch snap out her appearance on the show in the inside.

Thee Estelle will appear on the March 4 episode of Fox’s Empire, singing and acting with character “Jamal”, and Terrence Howard.  In the episode the songstress will  also feature music from her new album “True Love”, In a recent interview with “Paper” Magazine Estelle showed her excitement and gave details of her character, and what the viewers should expect from her  upcoming role on the show …  See the  Highlights below:

On her character:
My song “Conqueror” is going to be featured on “Empire.” I actually sing it as a duet with the main character Jamal, who is Jussie Smollett and a really good friend of mine, it was awesome and it was a good time.

Her admiration for the show:
What I love about the show is it’s relevant. When they write the episodes and they write the periods, everything they’re doing is real. It’s like, “That’s real! That’s true!” Whoever they’re consulting with is pretty spot-on. They’re spot-on because the records are true.

On her featured song and the future of her character on the show:

The record “Conqueror” was true to Jussie’s character and what he had to go through in that period. It’s relevant to every one of those characters on the set. I think when you think about “Conqueror” you think of making something out of nothing but you know even Oprah has her lows as much as a homeless guy has his lows. To me, it’s all perspective. That record being featured on “Empire” was spot-on time. It would be awesome to be on there fulltime. Either way, there will be more TV, more voice acting, all of that stuff. I think it’s something I love to do now

Press play to watch the Songtress snap about her appearance on the show below:

Press play to watch the upcoming Ep. with Estelle:

More Diva: Mary J Blige, Jennifer Hudson & Snoop Dog will also make appearance as well...

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