Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

OLSKOOL SUNDAY: MIAMI SONGTRESS ...ANQUETTE "I Will Always Be There For You"... {Video}

Singing...I never met a person quite like you, Someone that makes me feel loved, I wanna be the one that you are thinking of, The one that brightens your day... Oh YAAS  babe! That is dat jam. Don't know why this song  is in our heads, but that is the very reason we decide to share this one hit wonder  as our olskool  Sunday jam... We know you remember this hook now jookin to it on the inside.

Anquette is a Miami Bass female group who  debuted with the 2 Live Crew's "Throw the D", titled "Throw the P" {1986}. Anquette's also put out thee Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles and Tracks such as "Ghetto Style" and "Shake It {Do the 61st}". Anquette came back in 1997 with the tune "My Baby Mama", an answer rap to B-Rock and the Bizz's "MyBabyDadd... Man oh man this jams  was it...! 

Anywho if anyone know where these ladies at tell Diva Snap  is looking for them...Now back to us singing..Forever and ever, I will always be there for you, Forever and ever, I will always be there for you, baby promise. Okay  enough of us singing listen to Anquette below... 

Press play  here:

Told y'all this that back in the day get in your feeling jook... They be talking about:

"To be with you is all I ever hoped for
You can teach me so very much
And I can show you a few things too, heh {I will always be there for you}
Yeah, I guess it's true what you said about the other night
You know, about me growing into a woman
But it's not just me
We're growing {Boy, just call out my name}
But I wanna let you know {Listen boy}
No matter how far away you go, rain or shine
I'm your's and you're mine
And I will always be there for you {Boy just run to me cause"}

YAAS ma'am, YAAS Gawd we will like to know where They are now?!


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