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Music Mix Spotlights!

Friday, February 13, 2015

DANG THIS IS CRAY: MEMPHITZ INTERVIEW WITH SISTER 2 SISTER MAG & SAYS ' He Love His Wife, "It just the fact that I am Starting to love myself a little more"...{Photos/Video}

The snappin is getting real between Toya Wright and her hubby Mickey MempHitz... {Got us kind of speechless}.

Earlier this week Toya Wright decided to speak out about what going on in her marriage with MempHitz Wright. The diva did an exclusive interview with NecoleBitchie about him and how the stress over the K. Michelle situation led him to a break down.  And now MempHitz turn up to do an interview with Sister 2 Sister mag on his side of the separation, and we have it all here. Watch interview inside.

Press play to watch Memphitz interview below:

However after this interview  MempHitz, is still  snappin on social media, and as posted the below pic of  his wifey Toya and ex, K. Michelle  with himself in the middle holding up an x with his fingers. We’re guessing he to x them out of his life… well we know the feeling is mutual when it comes to K. Michelle. 

"The CoCo Drove Me LoCo. @servedfresh thanx 4 accepting #Me as Iz."

Then Bestie  kept it positive and classy as we know she would responded with:


On More Diva News… Bestie Toya Wright graced the cover of HOC magazine’s newest issue recently, with her fab new grey hair.  It was plan for the couple to do the cover together, but with everything they have going on in their life, she almost backed out of it completely. When Reco of HOC asked her what was going on, she replied:

 “My husband is going through something bigger than me, so just pray for me and my family”.

 photo twhoc1.jpg

 photo twhoc5.jpg

 photo twhoc6.jpg

 photo twhoc3.jpg

 photo twhoc4.jpg

 photo twhoc2.jpg

According to HOC, Toya has a new book coming this fall, which will cover business tips, relationships tips and she’s supposedly going to give the break down of her separation from her husband. *Diva Snaps*

Click Here to see Toya talk her separation with Memphitz


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