Tuesday, January 20, 2015


So if you live in Miami you already  know if something is snappin off who be the first on the scene... Guessing... Channel freaking  7-news!  But now can someone  tell us what was the big deal about hundreds of riders taking to the street of Miami  for a spread a peaceful message that cause this to be the topic of discussion  on radios outlet  all damn day!!! {Bleep} ugh!

So what if hundreds of riders on dirt bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs was swarming through the highway traffic, many of them popping wheelies and weaving between lanes They was not out killing one another and it was meant to inspire peaceful protest on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The gathering came together under the trending hashtag #BikesUpGunsDown.

So instead  of sending  out negative  media  coverage how next year  help theses riders ogranize the protest better! *Diva Snaps* To Dat... Pop Those Fingers!  

Watch footage of the riders inside.

Watch video below:

The mass ride was only loosely planned and thus caught local police and highway patrol officers by surprise. Given the size of the crowd, police decided that trying to stop the ride would risk more lives than letting it run its course, officials tell the Miami Herald this morning. (Three arrests tied to the ride were later reported.)--reports   Miami News Time

Press play below:

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