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Monday, October 13, 2014


The secrets are out and Author Shawdae McCraw is keeping it divaish and to the point about how it is to be a celebrity assistant to Keyisha Cole sister Neffeteria Pugh and her hubby-boo, producer/artist SoullowNeffe is also an Author, but is best known for reality TV stardom on spin-off show 'The Way It Is, and ’The Frankie and Neffe Show'. 

New author Shawdae book " Secrets 6 Feet Deep" is based on how she was treated after landing her dream job as a personal assistant to the reality TV couple when She soon finds herself being used and mistreated, in her personal and professional lives, that left her homeless and made her wonder if she’s jumped from the frying pan, directly into the fire. But darlings let us be the one to inform you that her  secrets and story get deep, as in six feet deep, and Shawdae  give us all the tea... YES MA'AM Peep the Interview inside.

You’re a new author on the rise with a story to tell. For years you were basically a part of the KC family working as her sister Neffe’s Pugh assistant. Your book is a fiction based on reality. You can say you have some unfinished business with the family. But with a family as open as theirs what are you exposing in your book that haven’t already been exposed? Considering this is a family that constantly appears on urban blogs and reality shows....Okay let’s get down to it and talk Secret 6 feet deep: Shawdae McCraw Q&A...

DivaSnap.com:  As mentioned your book is based on your experience as a worker for Neffe. Can you give us 5 words that can sum up your experience?
Shawdae: Depressing, frustrating, disbelief, uncomfortable, lies.

DivaSnap.com: What was your relationship with Neffe {who character Natalie in the book} before you became her assistant?
Shawdae {Character Chardonnay}: I didn't personally know her so we was just cool everything was just business and then as time went on she start to open up to me, we would talk about any and everything we laughed, we played, and became the best of friends more like sisters she made it clear to folks that I was her God sister, and best friend.

DivaSnap.com: How did you come up with the title of the book and does it relate to the story that is being told?
Shawdae:  I sat down at my kitchen table and broke down crying from anger,  frustration, and disappointment I was just speaking out loud saying I can't take these secrets to my grave if so they'll be six feet deep with me, and as I got madder I balled the paper up gave myself sometime to breath reopened it then look back over my paper and my eye brows went up.  I said this could be a title to a book Secrets 6 Feet Deep, because I never had any interest on writing a book what's so ever honestly.

DivaSnap.com:  How much of the book is realistic? It seems as if you took “The Best Man” route and disguised your real life experiences with some fictional characters.
Shawdae: 85% of the book is true, based off actual events.
DivaSnap.com: Were you ever compensated for your services? Or are you fighting to be compensated?
Shawdae: WOW the top question everyone ask well unfortunately NO! Nobody has paid me anything nothing, not even an apology card Neffe or her husband Soullow has NOT PAID ME.

DivaSnap.com: So were you working with Neffe when she and Keyshia had their falling out? What was that like?
Shawdae: I was around them when they had their family beef.  Neffe tried to reach out to Keyshia a few times.  Neffe spoke to her one time but then the call drop and I tried calling KC back for Neffe but I got no answer.   For me to be around that at that time I just felt like it was something a little deeper than a sister beef.  But I personally spoke to someone that is close to KC that confirm what I thought of her and Neffe beef is deep more then what y'all know and see. Neffe  and would talk about them working out there friendship.

DivaSnap.com:  Did you at any time worked with Keyshia or any other family members what was that like? Were there some uncomfortable moments? Give us an experience that you just can’t seem to forget that not in the book?
Shawdae I can't say I have worked with Keyshia Cole because I haven't I’m sure if I did she would have paid me but yes I have worked with other family members (kid's) I was always around Neffe children I was taking care of them like they was mine they are very talented kids all 5 of them. I've also worked with Neffe husband Soullow working for him was alright at first then things had a little twist.

DivaSnap.com: Speaking of other family members. What is Frankie like in real life? Is she as turned up as she appears on TV?
ShawdaeLord Frankie, Frank the bank what they call her Frankie is live in real life she full of energy she has more energy than some of these 50 year old guys she actually spent the night at my place a few times along with some of her kids she had us up all night laughing in tears that lady plays no games and stay turned up to the max none stop.  I wonder do she ever sleep.

DivaSnap.com:  A wise writer knows never to give their readers all their material in one book, do you see yourself writing a follow-up to this book? Are there more secrets to expose?
Shawdae: Well I'm not gonna say much but from the looks of things I may have a little rabbit to pull out of my hat stay tuned...

DivaSnap.com: Do you see writing as a new career?
Shawdae: Yes I surly do writing is a good way to explore and vent from any heartfelt pain but for the most of it…, it's amazing to see how creative your mind can be so yes I do see writing as a career for me along with my other career opportunities I have in mind.

DivaSnap.com: Was there anything challenging about writing this book? Was it hard for you to re-live this experience while writing this book?
Shawdae: Yes very challenging I was debating on if I should write the book or not because I didn't wanna seem fake by telling what went on but I felt like they didn't give a damn about my feelings or well being so why should I. Plus I wanted to show each character a reflection of themselves as to what they done wrong as my wrong doing and look at what was right.  Yes it was very hard I cried writing it and I cried after I finished it readers will understand why once they read it I’m sure all moms can relate to a few chapter's!

DivaSnap.com. Did you burn any bridges with Neffe because of the secret you expose in the book? Or how is your relationship with Neffe now that the secrets are out, Is she supportive, like how are she feeling about you writing this book?
Shawdae: Good question, truthful I couldn't say because I have not done any wrong to anyone and if I would've told her all the things that her husband has said and done it wouldn't have made any difference. like Soullow once told me he in control and Neffe will believe anything he tell her so I feel like I haven't burnt any bridges. 

DivaSnap.com: Do you have any advice for other young people out there that want to be an assistant to pseudo-celebrities?
Shawdae: For those of y'all that wanna get into his business just be careful keep an opened mind don't trust no one I know that's said daily but believe it when you hear it. And before you decide to be anyone's assistant make sure you let whoever it is your about to work for that you need some type of agreement stating how much you will be getting paid / when this is only business.

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