Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Tameka 'Tiny has been making her rounds to promote new single 'WTFYGD".  Mrs. Harris recently visit the Power 105 Breakfast Club where she snap about her and Hubby T.I. relationship, Instagram haters, and that so call beef with Azealia Banks, T.I. Mom and Floyd Mayweather.... Watch Interview inside.

Okay here the snappin highlights:
On how T.I. caught her heart:
“He was sweet. Very nurturing. He was real protective.”

On if she thinks a man in the industry can be faithful:
“I would hope so.”

On if she’s ever been a “ride-a-die” chick for another guy:
“The only other real relationship before that [with T.I.] was my lil girl’s father [Zonnique's dad]. I was like 16 when I got with him. We were together for some years but then he went away to prison. But nah…not the same.”

On the Azealia Banks beef:
“I mean who is she first of all? Who is she to be talking about anybody? She’s not looking like anything. Bottom of my shoe and it looks a little better. I mean she just mad, get yo own. Don’t try to live off my name. Iggy Azaleais who you mad at. It’s really all about Iggy.”

On ignoring negative people on social media:
“I try to ignore them. If I don’t go on there I can do better but if I go on there and I see something really, really stupid or I see something you shouldn’t be talking about anyway, you don’t have the right to say it cause I’m looking at you then I might say something back. I try to refrain from that. But now the thing that really gets me is when someone says something about my kids. I been doing really good lately. I don’t care that they out there, you ain’t gone talk about them and if you do I’m gone check you if I see it.”

On if she was trying to make T.I. jealous by hanging out with Floyd Mayweather:
“I was not. I was at the event…I mean who didn’t want to go to the fight? And I was on the picture with a whole lot of people. I don’t want to talk about Floyd.”

On if she and Floyd ever had sex:
“Never. Never. We’ve always been in a room like this. Never been around…alone.”

On trying to keep T.I. from responding to disrespect:
“He’s just a man and he’s all about his respect. He’s not going to be disrespected and not feel like he doesn’t have to do something or respond in some kind of way. That’s just him and I guess he has been like that since I met him.”

On it being hard being in a relationship in the “social media era”:
“I don’t really go into all that. A lot of stuff they say I know ain’t true.”

On her song “What the F*ck You Gone Do” and T.I.’s “Stay”:
“I heard the ‘Stay’ song the night of the BET Awards. I loved the song. But I didn’t know he was putting his song out the same day I was putting my song out and he hadn’t heard my song, so he heard it the same time y’all heard it. It’s just kinda God’s plan I guess.”

On if she’s going to put out an album:
“I don’t know about that. I ain’t really ready for that. I just wanted to put a song out. It has done well and is doing good so I might do maybe an EP…I don’t know. I’m thinking about doing an EP, like 5-6 songs.”

On how T.I. feels about her singing:
“I think it’s still going to be some getting use to. It’s new again and it’s not what he’s use to.”

On how she felt when Tip’s mom asked her to talk to her son on Instagram:
“She’s very new to the social media. She doesn’t really know how it works. Shekinah set up everything for her. She doesn’t really know people don’t do this. I think she just didn’t know everybody’s watching you.”

On if she feels any pressure on being a “perfect” family:
“Pressure? No. It is what it is. We living a real life and however y’all see it or take it…what you see is what you get. A lot of the rumors and stuff ain’t true.”

On her and Shekinah’s new reality show:
“We start shooting on the 5th [of August] and it’s called “The Weave Trip”.  It’s going to be hilarious.”

On her talk show “Tiny Tonight”: “I don’t know. They playing around with ‘Tiny Tonight.’ It needs to be coming back. They were talking about doing an animated version.”

Waych the full interview below:

More Diva:  Tiny also hit up on BET 106 and Park and kept it 100 as well, looking super divaish!
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