Saturday, August 9, 2014


We just died... {pause}... Okay we back now Mr. Idris Elba is packing and blessed honey! Whoa Gawd about this man   anaconda is, ummm, darn it we speechless... just take a look for yourself... inside.

Warning 18 + viewer only!

We gone need you to quickly glance down towards Idris Elba's crotch area in the above pic. Lower your chin slowly, be careful now, don't hurt yourself... Do you see the anaconda?!  Okay now you see why we're speechless and can't get our words together... Did he almost killed you and gave you life at the sametime? Yes that exactly what happen to us when we came across the pics. So here the snap: 

The above photos was going around on twitter Friday morning that almost cause the social site its life. We don't know if this footlong package in Idris Elba's pants is the real thang or something else.  All we know is the snapper was  onset  filming  movie “A Hundred Streets" in London 
when the pics of his meat was snapped and made headlines. According to the Urban Daily, it’s not the first time!

"In January the sexy actor tweeted that “My Bow makes my d*ck {bleep} hard every time I smile…is that normal?” later adding that he had “fun releasing the beast.” Of course ‘d*cky bow’ is UK slang for an untied bow tie but there were women electric sliding into his mentions (more than usual we guess) regardless.

Then there was the time he Tweeted a pic of himself almost naked and quickly deleted it saying “Damn, Too late. It’s gone.”

Scroll below to see more pics...

Oh LAWD! Make you just want to shout & sing Patti song "When you been blessed"... YAAS Lawd!

Press play to hear the hit blessed song:

Oh chile we needed to hear that right now... And now the snapping on twitter:

Look how good The Lord is RT @Vivaciously_Val: Best part of waking up is Idris all in yo guts! Happy Friday
hey look at that, i just became an idris elba fan
Looking at those pictures of Idris made my kidneys hurt. Girl, let me get a glass of that organic cranberry juice.

So @eightbit_me just texted me a picture of Idris Elba's remarkable bulge, because good friends always know exactly what you need.

Dear Idris, If this is true and this you I am single!... That is all!

I'm sorry ima let y'all finish but Idris Elba had the best dick print of all time

I'm in his pocket RT @_MissLB_: Something gotta be in Idris' pocket.

 Y'all Be careful out there. See close up pics here.

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