Monday, August 11, 2014


I have oh so falling in love with the colored rainbow natural hairstyle.!! Honey I have found my new love and life for natural color hair that I am seeing more and more hair divas styling nowadays, and I  know you will catch the same feelings when you view the rainbow of natural hair... key word, natural hair that is styling up in the hair game... Taste the rainbow inside... Lol hold up this is not the skittle commerical I be tripping. 

I started falling in love with natural hair since not having a perm for almost three years and witnessing my hair turning kinky and all, I decide to do some much needed research on how to rock my natural locks. I ran across a new world of natural hair in different colors, and now I'm heads over hills... So I decide to share the funky, cute-ish hair trend. 

In this day and age colored hair is so in style and trending more than ever, and now so is the natural colored hair. As I mention I'm in love with going natural. But what's making me feel the natural hair more is all the the pretty colors I am seeing that's makes me believe that going natural was the right choice.  So now the question is... Are you a natural hair wearing diva and want to add some colored in your life. 

Scroll below to see pics of divas who rocking a rainbow of natural color hair... That deserves *Diva Snaps*... Pop Those Fingers! 

Blue-ish/purple natural locks.. {above pic}
Blue natural hair Divas {below pic}

The natural purple hair is killing this game!

The Blonde natural locks...

The natural cherry red afro..

A too cute-ish blonde pink natural hairstyle.

Super hot blue-ish green purple natural hair do

A look for those older sexy Moms and grand-divas grey natural hair locks... Oh So pretty!

Now check out this diva with a full head of natural green  
Our Fave!

Now my only problem is how to incorporate the natural color hair into my everyday look... I had no clue until I hop on youtube to learn how to get the natural color hair do. And if you are clueless as well... Watch the video below:

Press play to get the green color hair:


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