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Friday, August 8, 2014


On Wednesday episode of the hit show 'Bring It' Miami own ‘YCDT Supastarz’ dancing little divas hit the road to Jackson Mississippi to battle it out with show stoppers the 'Dancing Dolls' aka "DD4L” of the trending hottest reality show on the Lifetime Channel. 

The 'Dancing Dolls' brought their A game and put up a good fight on the dance floor but as we suspected the Supastarz killed the damn thang... See pics and watch the stand battle inside.

Supastarz team captain Misha & DD4L team captain Kayla 

Traci Young-Byron - Miami YCDT Supastaz Dance Teacher

Diana Williams - Dancing Doll  Dance Teacher

DD4L Top Dolls

While both team did a super awesome job... We have to rep our Miami Supastarz little divas... *Diva Snap* for bringing it... Pop Those Fingers!

Scroll below to see more pics and watch them battle it out....

Press play to watch DD4L learn about their new rival the Supastarz below:

Watch DD4L creative dance routine:


Watch DD4L vs the Supastarz stand battles 1:


Watch DD4L vs the Supastarz stand battles 2:

Chile these little Dancers take us back to our performance art days... We Love this show!  

BTW: The Miami Supastarz registration and tryout is on August 31, 2014... Click here for more info.

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[Photo Snap:] YCDT Supastarz,

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Wordling said...

I love Bring It! But I love it more when the Supastarz are featured! You all are amazing, and you really give the Dancing Dolls something to aspire to. You have incredible discipline, technique, and creativity. I hope we see more of you, and I really wish you'd get your own show. :-)

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