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Music Mix Spotlights!

Friday, July 18, 2014


We posted recently about a snap down at the LHHATL reunion show... Come to find out there was three snap down that broke out involving Jose oops we meant Joseline who got into it with Althea, Tammy Rivera (possibly Bambi) and Mimi Faust. Wait that darn Benzino got me calling the Puerto Rican Princess Jose... Lol "I can't"....

Whoa Lawd, okay back on subject so yeah all we can say is this show is a hot a$$ mess!  Vh1 and Mona Scott Young got it going on, well at least that what Benzino is snappin. According to Zino... "Mona Scott Young planned the Puerto Rican Princess’ multiple snap down". 
Get the deets inside.

Here the snap per Bossip:

But all the while security was doing their best to stop other people from brawling, were they told to let Joseline fly off the handle?????
According to Benzino that answer to that question is YES, and he blasted Mona Scott Young for not only planning the Puerto Rican Princess’ multiple brawls but treating her to dinner afterwards to celebrate!
And now…Zino shared  the below pic:

He also snapped this:

"Please dont be fooled by the hype @thebaddestputa1 jumped of the couch 1st attacked ThiThi and got her ass WOOOPED! Now I dont condone VIOLENCE BUT @luvheraltheaheart had to defend herself, now AFTER security grabbed THITHI JOSE WENT FOR TAMMY AND THEN DEB WOOPED HER THEN AFTER SECURITY BROKE THAT UP JOSE WENT DOWNSTAIRS WITH HER PIMP AND THAT COWARD LET JOSELINE BEAT UP MIMI!! Now THATS THE TRUTH! DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!! And as you can see @luvheraltheaheart still looks FLAWLESS! All yall fans of that PSYCHOTIC ANIMAL, ASK HER TO POST A PIC!! She’s having a bad week  #lhhatl  @vh1 #thiandzforlife"

Now Stevie J side:

"Only broads talk about girl fights. Ms Deb didn’t even fight at all she’s a boss, so the old man is trying to drag innocent people into this. But real niggas don’t get involved in broad activity. Zino a hoe but that why you get into broad activity & you want to create an environment because he can’t fight his battles on his own never has, neither did his broad beat up Joseline, would never happen but while I was gettin at Gramps the security grabbed me & gramps hit Joseline but every hoe has his day."

But this is what reports saying  happen:

Everything seemed to be going pretty well. The cast: Joseline Hernandez, Stevie JMimi Faust, Nikko, Benzino, Althea, Karlie Redd, Erica Dixon and Ariane had just been seated and new host Sommore (“Queens Of Comedy,” “Comic View”) had just finished reading her intro lines. Benzino and Stevie exchanged words and their argument escalated quickly. Within seconds they charged at one other. While that was happening, Joseline walked across the stage and started pummeling Althea with punches to the face. Althea couldn’t move much as she was seated but eventually squirmed out of her position. Benzino and Stevie were after each other but subdued by security guards who were able to lock Benzino down, literally pinning him on the floor in a wrestling-like move. Benzino seemed like he was desperately trying to get to Althea before Joseline beat her to a pulp. At one point Joseline, who was wearing sky-high Versace heels, hit the ground and guards were able to pull Althea away. She had a small, bloody scratch on her face and tried to throw a bottle in Joseline’s direction. Unlike MTO’s report, Althea didn’t beat up up Joseline, it was quite the other way around.
According to other reports, Joseline then attacked Mimi backstage. Joseline responded on Twitter, “Time speak the truth. 3 hoes 1 hour! Back to back.”
The security guards had a hard time controlling Stevie. He kicked, wiggled and fought his way out of their hold until finally screaming in their face to let him go. Stevie could not be stopped. He broke free out of his shirt and charged towards Benzino again. They were ushered backstage where the mayhem continued. Suddenly Joseline reemerged and attacked Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy, who was sitting on down, and snatched her ponytail. Security were able to pull them apart but Tammy sought retaliation. She charged Joseline’s direction but was stopped by guards. Waka’s mother Deb had to be restrained.
Finally, the set was cleared. But, Stevie and Joseline returned to the side door where they cursed and confronted a producer, demanding someone find their cellphones that had been misplaced in the brawl. Police were on the scene when the audience was finally released.-- per Hellobeautiful
Chile who really knows what went down...Smh... Watch the video below:


We going keep these folks lift up in prayer

Any Thoughts
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