Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Let me tell you... My cousins and I used to kill it when the Jam 'supersonic' came on the radio...!

In my day and age they were the best. We used to cut up, 'stomping and grounding' {Yep that was thee dance}.... Lawd those 80's & 90's days gave me life! But for all the youngin that do not know who in the heck is JJ fad, they was one of my fave first superstar female rap group to earn a Grammy nomination and a record reach platinum status  back in the day. So {popping lips} because today is the "popular" throwback Thursday. I decide to throwback it all the way back with the jook "supersonic".

Check on how the diva of the group Just, Jammin', Fresh And Def {JJ Fad} look now... Plus watch the throwback hit "Supersonic", inside.

Check it: {me rapping}

We're J.J. Fad and we're here to rock... Rhymes like ours could never be stopped... See, there's three of us and I know we're fresh...Party rockers, non-stoppers and our names are def...See, the 'J' is for just, the other for jammin'...The 'F' is for fresh, 'A' and 'D' def... Behind the turntables is DJ Train... Mixin' and scratchin' is the name of the game....Now here's a little somethin' 'bout nosy people... It's not real hard, it's plain and simple Baby-D.... Supersonic {now me beat booping}

Now my fave part to the jam: 

I saw my llama, llama, llama....Do my nama see me? Now my llama nama do My llama, llama nama see me.... Now my llama nama do... My llama, llama, nama see me... Now my llama nama see me.... I'm a do my llama, hum uh.... Yeah (Yeah) That's it... (That's it)

Okay enough of me spitting...Scroll below to see how the group divas  MC J.B., Baby-D , and Sassy C. look now....

Press play to watch here:

Now watch MC-JB of the group still spit:

Are you a fan of JJ-Fad you can stay up-to-date by liking thier OFFICIAL-JJ-FAD-PAGE on Facebook!

Took You back Right,
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