Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Friday, July 11, 2014


She's got those Snappin Hands and She Know It!

Diva will like for you to meet the snappin hair diva Shaunta from up North Longbeach Compton CA border who got those fingers when it comes to trendy and stylish hairstyles and braiding.  So with that said, put your two fingers together and give Snaps*  to the young on the rise hair stylist BKA Ta, and if you'll like to see the face behind the name and unique braiding art, snap at Ta inside.

When it comes to braiding some hair Shauta got those hands. Diva chit chat it up with the oh so talented Ms. Ta who enlighten us all about what started her braiding skills and  what  inspire her creative, neat, braiding design styles. The snappin hair diva tells us:

"I've been braiding for about 12 years. At the age of nine I watched my aunt braid hair every weekend so by the age 10 I begin braiding hair which started off as a hobby for me. But since then I been braiding hair.  It give me a great vibes to know that I bring out the beauty in people, and it makes me feel bless knowing that people trust me to do their hair".

She added:
"I am not a HUSTLER, I'm a young woman out here using the talent God gave me by putting these hands to work. I wanted my own business at a young age and God blessed me with a clientele, and that alone give me the drive to keep up at braiding".

We ask Ms. Ta how does she come up with such neat and original braiding styles? She answer that "when she starts to braid hair she just picture creative styles in her mind".  Just awesome, sound like she have a case of creative thinking... You betta werk!

Scroll below to see pics of her work....

And we see Shaunta is bringing those big braids back from back in the day... The below braid style use to be my do!
To bad we're in Miami.

Anywho if you in the North LongBeach CA area you can reach out to Ta  on her  instagram page @shaunta_hairpage to book your appt. 

If you didn't know about Ms. Ta well now you know... The Diva can braid some hair....!

 *Diva Snap* to Shaunta... Just Fabulous work...  


Are We Loving Ms Ta Braids style or What?
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