Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


We like Sherri Shephard with long hair and thought that she looked rather lay ed back, and cute-ish, nothing major on the view Monday morning as she talked and cried about leaving the daytime show. Now for all who been hearing the noise on Sherri divorce with estranged husband, Lamar Sally, she is giving the tea as she chit chat with the Tom Joyner Morning Showcatch it inside

Until now, Sherri Shepherd has quite and low key about about her the drama involving her and her estranged husband, Lamar Sally divorce.This morning, The View host, co-hosted the Tom Joyner Morning Show, revealing that she actually was served papers over the weekend, at Essence Festival:

It’s been crazy. I got served right before I went on stage. I had the summons and complaint in my jokes. I was getting mixed up….. I get them mixed up. One’s attorney is on Inside Edition, the other is on Access Hollywood. What’s going on? Lord, you got a big blessing for me. Then I went onstage and killed. That’s what comics do. You gotta perform. They paid me to make
. Plus I spent the money so if I didn’t make them laugh…I had paid my attorney with the money they paid me with so I couldn’t give the money back. You get on that stage, you make them laugh, ‘cause that’s what we do.
Sherri explained  that since she is a comedian, she’ll use her real life drama, into future comedic material:
I’m a comic, you have to….You know what made me mad, though? Now I’m back in this place of being single. Now I’m back in the place where I gotta be the usher, the greeter, I gotta teach your kids in Sunday school…that’s what the single folks did. I got married and I got to come to the church and listen to the sermon. Now I’m back in that place where people say ‘How are you , Sherri? And I’m saying ‘I’m blessed and highly favored because God is bringing my man today. I’m back in that place.

She adds:

You have to laugh. If you don’t laugh, you would wake up with half your face hanging off. You can’t move the left side of your face.

While this is the second unsuccessful marriage for her, she hasn’t given up on love:

I believe in marriage. But you know when they say ‘This is her companion.’ I think I want to be a companion. Because love is expensive. When I go on a date, I’m going to carry papers with me. This is a prenup, this a confidentiality agreement. Before you even ask me ‘How you doing, I wanna holla at you,’ sign your name right here. As long as you can get up and move your fingers and toes, you’re good….I’m a survivor. You ain’t gon’ keep me down.

Listen to Sherri on the TJMS below: 

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