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Music Mix Spotlights!

Friday, June 6, 2014

HAIR DIVAS RECAP: ANGELA & NAJA "Thin Line Between Love and Fake" L.A. HAIR SNAP DOWN... {Videos}

Last week the second show of that hair diva Kim Kimble took off with a snap down between Kim former stylish Angela and Kim nail tech Cruella De Vil government name Naja... YAAS Huni, they was at it! Ms. thang De Vil {Naja} swore for Gawd, she whoop on Angela when all she did was pull her hair and insulted her with words... Any who enough of us snappin about it, get the real deets on the episode inside.

Angela sends out invitations to her launch party to everyone including Kim. Everyone from the salon attends with the exception of Kim, Jazz and China. The small talk and congratulations last for a little while and then this episode ends like it began - with a snap down.

Chile let me tell you Ms. De Vil Naja  threw the first  blow when she  told Angela she should buy some fake plants in her salon to go with her fake personality. OH NOOO SHE DIDN'T! Yeah She when there. So Angela, felt insulted, of course she would and  tells Naja she has to leave. and that she will not be disrespected in her own place of business.  Ms De Vil Naja feels like she has the right to leave when she gets good and damn ready. *roll eyes*  which led Angela to throw her black and white hair  a$$ out  as she threw Naja’s purse out the door. And that when the snap down snap off...!  But do you blame Angela?? We sure don't! 

Watch the snappin recap below... 

 L.A. Hair Episode 2 Extended Preview


Press play to view the full episode leading up to the snap down below:

And now a recap of Last night show of the finishing touches to the snap down:

Ms. thang De Vil -Naja was dead wrong for that.  Angela have her moments at times but, she didn't deserve to be disrespected like that! Right?

Any Thoughs, 

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