Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Remember when we reports months ago that Miami Heat Baller and Gabrielle Union Fiance Dwayne Wade had father a new son with  Damon Wayne Jr. baby-moms Aja Meteoyer. Yep that the story.  Well the now new baby moms to Dwade had been out of the spotlight  since the news broke. Up until recently that she is sharing for the world to see pics of her now 6 month old son when he was 3 months and if we must say he a handsome little one.  See the pics inside.

Aww look at him... Him so cute! Baby Xavier Zachariah Wade is the third child for Ma Aja who has two other kids of her own father by actor Damon Wayans Jr. This is also the third son for Baller DWade. However, word has it that all the parents are getting along doing their co-parents thing.  Nice to hear!

BTW diva Gabby Union and Wade are moving right along with their wedding plans and flying above all the drama. Wade recently said: 
"I, my [Gabby] and my family have continued to move foward, and I think that evident with the ring and the proposal that I gave her, with our lives."

Check out little Xavier {pic above}with his mom and aunt.. Too cute!

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