Monday, May 12, 2014


WTS is going with the Knowles-Carter Union?!? Little Sista Solange is laying the snap down on big Sista Beyonce man-boo Jay-Z honey, and the fam snappin was caught camera. And we're like hold, pause on our regular posting. We can not believe  this... See the footage on the inside.

Okay here the snap report TheYBF:
"We're not sure what set Solange Knowles off after the 2014 MET BALL, but she was caught physically attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z in the elevator as he and Beyonce were leaving the Standard Hotel. Some clear cracks are emerging in the "happy" facade the Knowles/Carter family have projected to the rest of us.  While we've become aware that the Knowles sisters are estranged from their dad,  Mathew, but who knew that Solange harbored some resentment towards Jay Z?
We're not sure what caused her physical outburst, but Solange got a good piece of her brother-in-law once they got inside an elevator at the Standard Hotel (during the Met Ball afterparty).
In the grainy video (click here if you can't view the video), you'll see Bey, Jay, Solange and a bodyguard enter an elevator.  Then...Solange attacks Jay - kicking him.  Jay grabs her foot, but never retaliates.  Bey stands by (too shocked to move or intervene?).  You'll also notice that the bodyguard presses the emergency stop button...likely to contain the action from the public and to calm everyone down. did the private video emerge?  It looks like someone (perhaps a surveillance company employee) possibly recorded the video footage onto a separate device and sold it.  Maybe. Perhaps. Allegedly. A second video (seen here) shows them exiting the hotel (following the elevator incident) as if nothing happened. Beyonce follows Solange (who looks a little pissed) to a waiting car.  Jay leaves in a DIFFERENT car.  Clearly....Solange was not up for riding in the same car with Jay.
We're not going to hold our breath for an's the Knowles/Carters.  This NEVER happened.  You didn't see what you saw.
We still have our questions:
1.  Was the attack Solange's way of defending Beyonce?
2.  Does Solange have her OWN beef with Jay Z that boiled over that night?
3.  Was alcohol involved?
4.  Why did Beyonce seem unfazed?  Has this happened before?!"

Watch the snap down here:

Oh Snap Right, 
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