Thursday, May 1, 2014


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A pregnant Queen Bee Lil Kim that is goes undercovers as a trick to fan out if her how hardcore is her fans, and how oh so funny and cute-ish it is at the same time... Watch the mom-to-be disguise herself inside. 

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Kimmy Blanco wanted to know will her if her fan are really hardcore and will they recognize her  as she got dress up in  disguise while rocking her round baby bump as a Indian woman  name f Jamilla. 

While standing in the VIP line amongst her fans who thought they were attending a private listening party but little did they know, the Queen Bee was standing right next to them, listening to every word they said as she goes into fake labor before revealing her true identity on Oxygen show “Celebrities Undercover” . Press play to watch below:
Extra Diva:
Funny right! On other Oxygen “Celebrities Undercover” Grammy Award winning singer Fantasia also went undercover for the  show, but Fanny’s fans weren’t as “hardcore” as Kim’s fans.
Ish hit the fan when Tasia was snap at with  brutal honesty when some fans voiced their opinions on if her success came from her raw talent or her sympathetic story. One fan said the only reason she gained notoriety on “American Idol” was because of her sob story about growing up. Watch the clip below
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Press play here:

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