Thursday, April 10, 2014


Singing... 'trying to love two ain't easy to do' or maybe three in Scrappy case! { We know we took it back with that oldie}.

Well, well, well word on the net has it that Love and Hip Hop ATL stars Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon are back an idol. mmm. Word also have it that Erica is allegedly pregnant by Scrappy with their second Child and so is one of Scrappy other boo reality star Shay Johnson... Wow Lawd! 

See more of this snappin news inside.

Okay here the snap report VH1 blog:

"Did Momma Dee hear about this? In a recent radio interview with Big Tigger on V-103.1Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Erica Dixon is open to rekindling the flame with her former fiance, Lil Scrappy.
Erica said in an on-air interview that she believes there’s always a chance for people to change and that completely moving away from one’s past is a mistake.
“People do change and evolve for the better, you know, so you never know what the future holds,” Erica said.
While this is good news for fans who have rooted for the couple ever since season one, we say it will probably get bad and messy. Why? Because they are currently off the market. 
Why Erica hinted on reconciling with Lil Scrappy, we don’t know. Could it be that her relationship with O’Shea is turning sour? Or Did Lil Scrappy make some covert moves to win her back?
Whatever it is, the road to reconciliation will certainly be paved with broken glass."

BTW Scrappy and Erica was spotted on a vacation recently  for spring break mingling when they took their daughterEmani to Universal Studios  this week. See more below... 

Erica posted the above pic on April fool day {Apr 1st} so we think it's a joke. But anyways here the snap  on the preggo ish per  MTO:

"Just when you thought that the UPCOMING SEASON of Love and Hip Hop couldn't get ANY MORE SCANDALOUS . . . it does.
Keep in mind - next season will include a BRAWL WHERE A CHICK GETS CUT IN THE FACE . . . and Benzino getting SHOT.
On top of that . . . we're told that it will come out that SCRAPPY got Shay and Erica PREGNANT. We already told y'all about Erica being KNOCKED UP a few weeks ago.
But we just found out that SHAY GOT A BABY IN HER yesterday."

Pics below...

Now Shay will a tiny baby bump

So wait Erica knocked up by Scrappy, when did she get over her Model man-boo... And wasn't Scrappy smashing what-her -face.. um.. Oh... the Chick name Bambi,

Damn this some good snappin, can't wait to see new season of LHHAtl! To be continue.

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