Wednesday, April 9, 2014


She's A Fashion Diva and She Know It!

Diva will like to introduce our very first snappin fashion diva. Therefore, put your two fingers together and give Snaps*  to this fashion diva Kiara BKA 'Miss Northwestern' from thee hometown Miami, who just make us gag as she take her school girl look to a creative, unique, fab, swagg out  level in this game call fashion. 
See more pics of Miss Northwestern inside.

The oh so pretty Kiara known to many as 'Miss Northwestern' is a senior at Miami Northwestern High School. This Fashionista is creating her school uniforms into fabulous fashion.  Take note High Schooler... The young teen who is growing into a beautiful diva is def in the fashion game. {Oh how she remind us of ourselves}.

Miss Northwestern sure do has style with beauty inside and out and like she said she "Got 99 problems but SWAG ain't one!" She got that about right. The snappin fashion diva tells Diva Snap on what inspired her style in fashion:

I believe that since uniforms are mandatory I try to make it enjoyable for myself, which is what inspired my style.  I love clothes, accessories, different colors, pattern and animal prints.  What I like most about my style is that I allow myself to get creative and enjoy being classy, while having fun with it at the same time."

Scroll below to see more pics of her look...

 *Diva Snap* to Kiara... Just Fabulous... 


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