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Music Mix Spotlights!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

COMING TO A TV NEAR YOU: TINY ANNOUNCED NEW REALITY SHOW "The Real Hair Sytlists of Atlanta"...{Photos}

 photo TinyHarris.jpg

Not to long ago we snap that Tiny Harris and her Bestie Shekinah was working up a new reality show... Well their snappin has been granted. Tiny made the big announcement yesterday.... See her talk about it inside.

 photo TamekaTinyharrisexecproducerShantTraynhamExecproducer-creatorMimiCarpenterexecprod.jpg

 And the snappin goes a little something like this:
"The Family Hustle" star Tiny Harris is putting the spotlight on some of Atlanta's most popular hair stylists in a new reality show.  Because we always need another ATL reality shows.  </sarcasm> 
Yesterday, VH1 reality star Tiny Harris appeared at a press conference at the W in Buckhead to announce a new project.
With former "RHOA" personality Dewight Eubanks as host of the event (sigh), Tiny revealed that she, Shante Traynham(Executive Producer/Creator) and Mimi Carpenter (Executive Producer) are producing "The Real Hair Sytlists of Atlanta."
We suspect that this is the project she and her BFF Shekinah Anderson have been "working" towards on "The Family Hustle."   Or maybe this is in addition to the new reality show Tiny spoke about recently, that will be much like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's "The Simple Life".-  Report TheYBF.

 photo TinyHarrisExecproducerShantTraynhamExecproducer-creatorMimiCarpenterexecprodandJenniferPearsonMakeupArtist.jpg

 photo DSC_8726.jpg

Your Thougths on another ATL reality show,

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