Thursday, April 10, 2014


Oh So Bravo got something right.. They cancel this show call 'Real Housewives of Miami' ... To tell you the truth we was not watching these Chicka's anyways... So thumb up to Bravo for doing the 305 a favor. 

But if you are interest to know why the show was cancel... Nosey on  inside to find out why.

"On Monday {Apr 8} Bravo announced it’s list of new and returning series coming in the next year, but guess which big show was NOT announced for renewal… Real Housewives of Miami!

While rumors of cancellation have been swirling around for months, there had been no confirmation from the network until now.
This is probably why reports have surfaced saying that housewife Joanna Krupa was trying to get a spot on Beverly Hills!
Since its premiere in 2011, Miami has struggled to achieve the big ratings normally associated with the Housewives franchise. Even after revamping the cast, the show could only pull in an audience of 1,156,833 at it’s peak!
Compare that to Real Housewives of Atlanta, the highest rated show in the franchise, which averaged 3,838,700 this year.

While the series may not have drawn in the crowds like it’s sister shows in Orange County, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New York and New Jersey, it still had an audience and it’s unfortunate to see these ladies go.

Perhaps the show will return one day, but for now it looks like it’s gone the way of Real Housewives of D.C.

I’m still waiting for them to bring that train wreck back

This snappin was brought to you by our friends to the site HOTM.<<< Thanks for the head-up... Now Bravo can we get some real Miami wives for this show if you decide to bring back. 

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