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Music Spotlights!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Speaking of Tiny, her current Bestie/hairstylist Shekinah finally is speaking out on her Dr. Jay Brazilian butt lift. Check out what Honey-Chile-Diva saying about her big ol booty do, inside.

Okay here the snap on Shekinah Butt lift report 

The 4’11, petite boss lady and famous hair stylist to the stars in Atlanta is also here 100% for her bff Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris. Read below what Shekinah Jo had to say about her surgery, her body before, the famous instagram pic and the critics that come for her and her ‘lil mama

On her infamous instagram pic with the red lingerie
Me and my friend Tiny were playing around in my bathroom  and.. I get up and put on my clothes and she’s like ‘Girl you look fine today’ and I was like  ‘Don’t it girl’ and I said ‘Well take my picture then’ and she took my picture and that’s the picture we got. And we put it up on Instagram- why not?

On Her Butt Enhancement Surgery

Yes, ok let me show you. [stands up] They took this fat out my stomach right? And they put it all in my behind. It moves and everything -it’s cute. You see it move? [jiggles butt] Yess, it’s cute!
Dr. Jimerson did it for me and I appreciate it. He hooked me up. But, I eat too many ribs and cheeseburgers and the fat sometimes comeback. It’s in my neck a little bit. It’s in my jaws. It came back in my titties. These are MY titties! I’m thinking about going to get them cut off too. So coming soon- breast reduction for Shekinah Jo!

On her body before surgery 

I had a butt before I had [surgery]. But how it ended up happening is I went to Dr. Jimerson for lipo but when he explained to me what he do, and he’s a black Dr. trying to make it, and he was like ‘Well let me just do a little bit for your butt.’ But I had a nice size butt. But he said ‘Let me do a little bit for your butt,’ and I let him do it and he made me a real, real big ol’ booty. And I be praying everyday that this ass keep sitting up and don’t go nowhere.

On haters coming for her and her response to the ‘Tiny made you’ comments
I’m not worried about what [people] think about my body or how they feel because it’s my body, I gotta walk around with it. If I get sick and my ass fall to my ankle, I gotta deal with it. Not them.
Don’t come for me because I’ma come for you. Sometimes I try to be nice and kill them with God like ‘hunny, I’ma pray for you’.. people who talk about you, it’s sad. Because usually the people whose talking about you, they fat, know what I’m saying? They probably want the surgery themselves. They’re broke. You know what I’m saying. They mad. I get a whole lot of comments all the time like ‘Tiny made her. Tiny made her who she is.’ It kind of aggravates me because Tiny did help me in my life, don’t get it twisted but God made me. God made Tiny. God made everybody. But she did put me in a position with believing me with her her. You can believe that.

They talk about my friend too and they don’t need to talk about her because she is rich. She could buy hair for them, you feel me? I’m talking about Tiny. Tameka Harris, yes. She can defend herself now, don’t get it twisted about lil mama, she ain’t nothing to play with. They ain’t know that either but she just be playing cool though.

Watch Shekinah talk getting a bigger butt below:

So what about Tiny, like they say birds of a feather flock together... 

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