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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TROUBLE IN THE FAM HUSTLE: T.I. HAS SECRET NEWBORN BABY OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE + TINY SPEAKS ON IT SAYING: "Where a nicca put his d*ck! {Bleep}.... He can take that up with God I'm GOOOOD!"...{Details }


WTS! We sense that something wasn't right with the Family Hustle love, ever since T.I took to TMZ to give a ridiculous statement to the rumors that him and wifey Tiny was heading to Divorce court. Beside a Diva can recognize another Diva pain and pinpoint something was not right when Tiny went on a girls vacay in Turks and Caicos where she was displaying her big little bootay to get her Bae attention.. Yep um huh  we feel your pain Tiny. We get it

However, some of the couple drama has been aired and reports has it that Mr. Harris has been stepping out on his Mrs. Harris and he now has a newborn baby. We're hearing that this maybe the reason behind all of these rumors. 

Beside Tiny sort of admits T.I. cheated... Get the deets inside on all the drama.

Okay here the snap report Funky Dineva:

"Now here is where things get interesting. There was an altercation on the Grammy red carpet. This altercation is FAR LARGER then TMZ and other media outlets will have you to believe. I have confirmed reports from witnesses that say T.I. and Tiny were getting it DOWN out there. Bae-Bae they said they showed out and that there were plenty of onlookers. Leveraging their relationship with TMZ, T.I.’s camp was able to get them to downplay their story significantly, and put a stupid spin on the story that only a 2-year old would believe. Additionally, members of T.I.’s team leveraged their relationships with smaller Atlanta based blogs to twist facts and downplay the whole ordeal.

If you are wondering why T.I.’s people are so pressed to keep things under wraps, just follow the money and you can deduce why. First off, with the assistance of T.I. and The Family Hustle, T.I. has been able to completely change his image and public perception of his dope boy rap star past. A more wholesome image opened T.I. and The Harris Clan up to a slew of dollars provided by advertisers for his new found mass appeal. Overnight, this could all come crashing down if this “image” is shattered. Well, don’t let them cute high yella children on VH1 fool you. T.I. & Tiny are a far cry from Bill & Claire. The truth of the matter is the crux of T.I. & Tiny’s recent issues stem from the baby T.I. has fathered outside of their marriage. Those closest to T.I. & Tiny are keeping it cute, but the Atlanta streets and big mouth members of T.I. & Tiny’s camp are talking. I’m told the baby is definitely less than a year old. So there it is"

Now about Tiny snappin on if her Bae cheated. Here what Tiny told a negative Commenter on IG when the Chick comment on the below pic:

The Chick claim:

Then Tiny snap back saying:

Whoops! There you have it Mrs. Harris said "where a nicca put his dick! {Bleep} He can take that up with God I'm GOOOOD! 

Does that sum it up that T.I  cheated, read between the lines folks.

Now back to this Chick --- {Girl Bye!}

Oh wait pump your brakes there more to T.I and Tiny drama:
The Rapper tells his wifey to stop posting her a$$ on Instagram when she posted the below pic:

U have so much more going for u other than your a$. Although it is magnificent,  I think u should spend just as much time showcasing those other things as u do ya booty..awesome pic luv.
 Tiny responded:
I wasn’t showing off my ass in this pic it was about my waist..u just looking at the ass bae! U no I wasn’t saying getting my sh-t together about my ass now don’t u? But glad u like it bae

No one relationship, or marriage is perfect and at some point encounter some kind of drama. Any who we going keep the couple lifted up in prayer { in my Gary with the Tea voice}.

Thoughts, Leave Comments Below?

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