Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hand down to Beyonce who topped the list and was named the most-searched person in 2013 on Bing Microsoft’s search engine, as the ranking was revealed on Monday. Bringing down 2012 list topper Kim Kardashian to the number two spot. Peep the ranking inside.

Diva Bey is now label for running the online web. She took  the number one spot for the top search person in a year from making a choreographed comeback to the musical spotlight after taking time out to give birth to her baby girl Blue Ivy, with hubby Jay Z. 

The singer was search the most when she performed at President Barack Obama's inauguration in January, and later for her awesome Super Bowl show in February, which kicked off a worldwide tour, The Mrs. Carter Show in April. The private Diva took us by surprise when she also revealed glimpses of her life with Jay of pregnancy leading up to the birth of Blu Ivy in a HBO documentary. And last by not least for currently rocking a new pixie-styled Bob ‘hairdo.  

Yes honey when you think about all Bey accomplish this year she def did that, and is running the web! {As usual}. However,  below is the other Celebs as Kim Kardashian who came second,  follow by Rihanna, Taylor Swift,  Madonna, and of course Miley Cyrus who made up Bing most-search person top 10 list for the current year:

Bing top searches 2013

Top searches for Microsoft’s Bing, 2013.

Although Kimmy-pooh did not top the list this year she have made a top list of her own as she rock in on how to take the perfect selfie. Here the snap on the selfie, and I think you might want to get out your pen and paper to take notes, just in case you want to gain followers on your social media page...per huffington post:

 "If you want as many Twitter followers as Kim Kardashian (almost 19,000,000 to be exact), then you need to learn how to take the perfect selfieAnd Kim K is here to show you how. The 33-year-old reality star and her BFF Brittny Gastineau gave Extra TV a tutorial and shared their rules on how to snap a great selfie. And it was all caught on camera.

"You always need [your phone] to be a little bit higher than lower ... and know your angle," Kardashian explains in the video. "Know the lighting," Brittny adds. "And know duck face," Kardashian insists, "I love that because it gives you cheekbones."

So, to sum it up:
Rule #1: Hold your phone high for the picture.
Rule #2: Know your angle.
Rule #3: Know your lighting.
Rule #4: Work that duck face!

Press play to watch, don't forget the notes...{lol}


Now check out Kimmy-pooh selfie it up when her and Baby Dad Yeezus hit down here in Miami for Thanksgiving week during Yeezus concert in the AA arena on Friday November 29, 13. 


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[Photo Credit:] Google, 
huffington post

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