Music Mix Spotlights!

Music Mix Spotlights!

Friday, November 22, 2013


As I went to watch the “The Best Man Holiday" at the movies and you know how before they about to show the movie you watched preview of upcoming releases... Umm huh.  Yeah so this caught my eyes and I was like damn Kevin Hart is winning. Dude is in just about most of the film that is coming out.

Then I was like okay, that's what up so... 'Let me Explain' The King of the Real Husband of Hollywood is snappin as he is now black Hollywood rock star  actor and comedian, who is taking over the big cinema in what look like some very charming, action, hilarious hot new films that will be hitting in  theater soon.

Oh by the way, speaking of funny  there a young light and bright fine snapper who is making his way  to the top; at least in the social media world  as being the next funny small guy. And this dude is rather like real raw funny... is that such a thang {thinking?} IDK... me and my words... {Lol} Anywho check  it all out inside.

Not only is Kevin Hart good at being funny and putting it down on the big screen, he is also oh so good at putting it down in the bed; according to his ex-wifey Torrei Hart who said the little snapper put it down in the bedroom well:

 “If women don’t do crazy things, you not putting’ it down right,” Torrei said when asked what drove her to do crazy things when married to Kevin.

“If he’s putting’ it down, you’re going to do something crazy. You don’t want nobody else getting’ that. I mean, that’s why I gave him two beautiful children and married his behind.” 

Oh Snap! Okay back to Kevin and his movies bizz, yeah the small dark-skin snapper has been quite busy as he has snap down in three new upcoming films: Grudge Match , About Last Night,  and Ride Along. Peep the films below...

Grudge Matchis an upcoming sports comedy that Kevin play a role in.  Starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro as aging boxers stepping into the ring for one last box match. 

The next upcoming new film Kevin and co-star 
 Regina Hall snap in "About 
Last Night" that is romantic comedy-drama well-suited for a Valentine's Day release (2014), which is when the film will open in theaters.   It is based on the 1974 David Mamet play Sexual Perversity in Chicago and a remake of the 1986 film of the same name. 

Also Kevin said that he and Regina Hall will also be starting up a new film "The Best Boy" which is supposedly be in similar to the "The Best Man":

I'm on set hanging out with these 2 Beautiful & Hilarious women @sanaaLathan & "Regina Hall" ....so proud of there Box Office success with "The Best Man"  #WeAreFilmingTheBestBoy #BlackHollywood   

We know Kevin got jokes, and he and Regina is just clowing us...Lol

The third  movie that is on it way is when Kevin ride out with rapper turn actor Ice Cube new action comedy "Ride Along"  that will actually be arriving in theaters early next year.  But Universal pictures seems to really want to make sure that you're aware that it's coming on January 17, 2014, and a sequel is already being planned for this new film also.

Now are we ready for this light-skin  new comedian King Keraun who on the rise that I  have laugh my a$$ off  from his hit videos on instagram. Bol this dude is funny and I see a bright future for him as well... {get it bright?!... Lol} By the way he quite good on the eyes as well.. Yeah I think he's a cutie..  Check on his video below...

Funny Right, Leave Comments Below?

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